Indianapolis Colts 30 vs Tennessee Titans 27



Scoring Summary

1st Quarter

TD C.Johnson 30 yd. run (R.Bironas kick) (8-80, 3:24)

TD C.Johnson 7 yd. run (R.Bironas kick) (11-68, 5:51)

2nd Quarter

FG A.Vinatieri 48 yd. Field Goal (13-65, 7:40)

FG R.Bironas 25 yd. Field Goal (11-73, 6:09)

FG A.Vinatieri 30 yd. Field Goal (12-68, 2:32)

3rd Quarter

TD D.Brown 6 yd. run (A.Vinatieri kick) (11-74, 6:27)

TD A.Luck 11 yd. run (A.Vinatieri kick) (2-20, 0:51)

FG A.Vinatieri 50 yd. Field Goal (9-26, 3:49)

4th Quarter

FG R.Bironas 38 yd. Field Goal (11-40, 4:48)

TD D.Brown 11 yd. run (A.Vinatieri kick) (11-74, 4:40)

TD D.Walker 19 yd. pass from R.Fitzpatrick (R.Bironas kick) (4-80, 1:07)




What the Colts did Right

The Colts were able to come back from 14 points down to win the game. They won this game because they were able to score 24 points in the 2nd half, including 17 points in the 3rd quarter.

Andrew Luck had a very efficient game. He had a 64% compleition percentage and had 232 passing yards, on top of 35 yards rushing and a rushing touchdown. This was a guy who lead the offense, made the smart play on most plays, and was able to get the Colts down the field with consistency in the 2nd half. He made plays on most of the drives and was a big reason why the Colts won.

Donald Brown had an outstanding game. This is a guy who located a hole and used his speed and burst to accelerate through them. He had one of the best games of his career. He had 2 touchdowns on the day, including a clincher at the end, where he should just how fast he can be. They sign Ahmad Bradshaw to compliment Vick Ballard. Vick Ballard goes down, they trade for Trent Richardson. Bradshaw goes down, Brown finally gets his chance and he's making the most of it. Good work!

In the passing game, Coby Fleener was the go to guy. He had 8 catches for 107 yards and just kept making plays in the game, including a big one in the 4th quarter. Fleener showed great athleticism throughout the game. 

The play calling was very good and they were able to execute very well while working with their balanced conservative attack. Their first drive after halftime was called and executed to perfection.

The offensive line played well in the 2nd half, in both pass blocking and run blocking, giving Luck time to throw and run, and opening up huge holes for Donald Brown. They should be happy with their performance in the 2nd half, especially Anthony Castonzo who had one of his best games of the year. 

As for the defense, they played much better in the 2nd half. They were able to really stop Ryan Fitzpatrick in the 3rd quarter, and in the early part of the 4th. Erik Walden, despite a bonehead play, was able to get pressure on Fitzpatrick and make some stops in the backfield. Cory Redding had a nice game as well. 

The play calling was much better in the 2nd half, and in turn, they were able to make more plays on defense and contain the Titans' big plays. They held the Titans to 10 points in the 2nd half, which is an accomplishment.

Finally, special teams had a very good game. Adam Vinatieri was absolutely golden, making 3 field goals, 2 of them over 48 yards, and was a big reason why the Colts won. The kickoff group made a big play forcing and recovering a fumble. It completely changed the momentum of the game and it gave the Colts new life.




What the Colts did Wrong

The Colts, once again, got off to a slow start and found themselves down by 14 points early. Even though they won, they definitely did not play a 4 quarter football game. 

On offense, the Colts started off slow and weren't able to do much. Trent Richardson never got much going, with the exception of one or two runs. Some of it is on him, as he studded stepped a lot and wasn't reading holes properly. It also doesn't help that the run blocking on his running plays was below average and it did not help him at all. 

In the passing game, the pressure was on Luck early on, and was hit pretty often. Gosder Cherilus and the interior O-line were at fault early on and were the reasons why Luck was pressured. 

Something that killed the Colts on offense and defense were penalties. Erik Walden was an idiot on defense when he ripped off the helmet of Delanie Walker, and then proceeded to headbutt him. There's a fine and a possible suspension going his way. Cassius Vaughn had a stupid unnecessary roughness penalty against him. They also had a pass interference penalty. The least penalized team in the NFL got a few weird calls against them last game. 

On defense, the Colts struggled early to stop Chris Johnson, and he was able to get some big runs. Why did he get some big runs off? In simpliest terms, their guys outblocker the Colts' guys. Look at his first touchdown, there's a perfect block from Andy Levitre and Nate Washington does a great job against Antoine Bethea, thus opening up a big hole for Johnson to expload through. Bethea had a horrendous game missing tackles and playing horribly in coverage.

The Colts failed to get any defensive line penetration and the linebackers missed a couple of tackles, which will definitely lead to some big runs. Freeman wasn't perfect in the game, and was at fault on several plays.

In the passing game, they were definitely torched early on, and even a bit later on in the game. They used the same, or very similar routes to what the Rams used last week. They were a lot of drags and crossing routes over the middle of the field, which is great for beating man coverages, and that was the reason why they got so open. The Titans moved the ball perfectly early on against the Colts, and that was because of bad playcalling from the defensive coaches and some bad play in coverage.

The Colts were definitely not perfect in this game, but they got the win.




Colts Player(s) of the Game

In this game, I really can't choose between these two guys, so I'll pick them both. Coby Fleener and Donald Brown are the players of the game. Fleener had a fantastic performance in the passing game, topping 100 yards and creating several big plays. This was his breakout game. Donald Brown was a stud in the running game, compiling big run after big run, and topped it off with 2 touchdowns. This was a great game for him. Without these guys, the Colts do not win this game, and it's probably not even close.