#7 Barrett Jones (Bama) C  has played three different positions on the offensive line: right guard, left tackle, and recently center. Jones, a natural born leader, is like a quarterback at the center position. He doesn't cause confusion, nor does he make many mistakes on the o-line. Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram aren't running behind him, but the Tide are averaging 188 yards on the ground. Jones is a shoe-in for the NFL's first round.

#6 Braxton Miller (Ohio St,) QB has showed the nation that he's the best duel threat QB in college football. With stats like 933 yards passing, 8 TDs, and 577 yards rushing with 7 TDs, Miller is the total package. Miller has faced a defense like Michigan State, unlike Geno Smith and Aaron Murray. After this weekend, he will be the new top dog at quarterback.

#5 Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina) RB is still the most physical running back in college football.  Sorry Georgia fans, but Gurley will not make this list! His first real test will be this weekend. Lattimore is more well-rounded than other running backs. He rushed for 440 yards with eight TDs, blocks well, and caught the ball for 109 yards. The eye test solves everything for me.

#4 Jarvis Jones LB (Georgia) Despite missing the FAU game, Jones has a total of 33 tackles, five sacks, one INT, and a return for a touchdown. The way Jones covers the field reminds me of Brian Urlacher for the Bears. Instinct drives him to the ball on every play. Jones can move this fast with a 6'3 243 lb frame. Georgia will need him healthy to win the SEC.

#3 Bjoern Werner (FSU) DE has 17 tackles on the year, but 10 of these were for loses. Werner's 10 tackles for losses have totaled 63 yards. He has accumulated 6.5 sacks, while helping FSU to a top five ranking. When Werner is not sacking the QB, he's closing the space up for other team's plays. This guy is a physical presence on the other side of the ball. Werner might be from Germany, but he fully understands the other football game.

#2 David Ash (Texas) QB is only a sophomore with much talent to grow with. This kid is proving that he can play with the best QBs in the nation. Ash has thrown for 1,007 yards and 10 TDs. He's only thrown one interception.  His 184.0 passer rating rivals the great Geno Smith. All this and he remains poised compared to other young QBs.

#1 Geno Smith (W. Virginia) QB I want to be clear on this player. Smith might not be top ranked by the end of the season because he's about to hit the meat of Big-12 conference play. For the first half, Smith has been lights out. Smith has 1,728 yards passing, 20 TDs, zero INTs, and a passer rating of 208.4..... Wow!! Need I say more?


Sweetheart's Stuff

Well bravo, bravo to you...Stuart! Your title alone impressed me, just knowing I didn't have to read another "10 List." 

My list reads like this:

#1 Geno (Eugene) Smith. A.K.A. Mr. Florida. Eugene has great talents on the field, as Stuart mentioned above. But we all know the most interesting stuff comes from off the field. Let me explain.   

In grade school our dear Eugene performed in "The Nutcracker." He also recited poetry, competed in chess tournaments and sketched cartoon characters. He attended Norland Middle School's magnet program which focused two hours a day on art. During this class, Eugene used charcoal, pastels and acrylic paints which required a lot of foresight and patience. Minor mistakes could undo hours of work. He was a perfectionist.

Hey, Stuart, if you did a little research, you'd realize a guy that can stare at pastels all day has all the persistence it takes to  "hit the meat of Big-12."