Great players have graced the gridiron in the past 50 years. When discussing great college football players that have adorned the same number, the conversation can become exhausting. Some jersey numbers throughout sports are synonymous with greatness.

For example, No. 1: Larry Fitzgerald (Pitt) and Warren Moon (Washington) were two of the best athletes to touch the pigskin in college football. Fitzgerald had a Heisman trophy run, and Moon was such a prolific thrower that he would be regarded as the next Peyton Manning if he were coming out in the draft in recent years.

Indeed, some incredibly talented student-athletes have worn the same number, but one duo is in a class by itself and cements this number to legendary status. Wearing the No. 15 like a Superman emblem is: Tommie Frazier (Nebraska) and Tim Tebow (Florida).

Both are Floridians. Both are mobile quarterbacks. Both won two national championships. Frazier was a Heisman finalist; Tebow won the Heisman. Frazier ran the triple-option offense. Tebow ran the spread. Both were equally successful running their offenses in terms of national championship wins. Frazier went 2-1 in national title games, while Tebow went 2-0.

Tebow wore No. 5 in high school. When he got to the college ranks, No.5 was already taken, so he elected to wear No. 15 in the likeness of Frazier. Both Frazier and Tebow played with a chip on their shoulder, not cowering away from linebackers, but rather ready to take a hit and stiff arm defenders in the red zone. Moreover, playing with that mentality is why they were successful and why the No. 15 is special.