College Football: Winners and Losers of BCS Poll, Week 14

By Al Burke
December 05, 2012 10:17 am
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I have to be honest - I hate the BCS. I've never liked the idea of champions being decided on opinions, computers, magic, or consulting of oracles - a championship of sorts must be had, and I don't mean one game.

But enough ranting, I've sure everyone's heard it all before and it's not going to change anything. But still, the BCS does get it right occasionally - remember USC-Texas? But then again, as a friend of mine once said "a broken clock is still right twice a day." So has the BCS got it right this time? Read on and find out as I rate the BCS Top 25:


1. Notre Dame

This is obviously the pick that causes the most controversy because, well, the Irish don't play in the SEC. But the rest of the football-world would rather see Northern Illinois here than a second SEC team, and the Fighting Irish are the cream of the non-SEC crop. I don't believe they're the best the team in the country though, or even second.

2. Alabama

I have no problem with 'Bama here, or at no.1. They are probably the best team in the country, even though they're not quite as good as their last two national championship teams. Their offense is strong but the defense has shown some holes. Let see if ND can exploit them. 

3. Florida

There are many (mostly in the Sunshine State) who believe the Gators should be in the title game at the expense of either of the others, but I don't agree. They didn't win their division, they struggled against lesser opponents, and their offense is, well, dreadful (not that ND's is great either). I think even no.3 is a stretch for these guy

4. Oregon

Oh, Oregon. You had the whole world in your hands and it stopped you from recovering an overtime fumble in that almighty choke against Stanford. No conference title, no national championship. Simple. I still think they're one of the best teams in the country and should be at the no.3 spot.

5. Kansas State

This could almost be a retread of Oregon's segment, except K-State lost to unranked Baylor instead of nasty Stanford. I still think the Wildcats are over-rated, as the team doesn't share the (recruited) talent of their conference mates. What sets them apart is their outstanding fundamentals and preparation. With the exception of the trip to Waco, the Wildcats looked like the better team in every contest. I'd put them in about no.8.

6. Stanford

Washington, Washington, Washington. A 17-13 loss to the Huskies back in September cost the Cardinals a much higher ranking. Since the controversial loss to Notre Dame, Stanford have been rolling, especially with redshirt freshman QB Kevin Hogan at the helm. They're going to the Rose Bowl, but no-one wants to play these guys right now. I'd put them at no.4.

7. Georgia

The Bulldogs were ranked no.3 before losing by 4 points to no. 2 Alabama in the SEC title game, a game that easily could have gone either way. For this reason, they drop 4 spots in the BCS. Their defensive effort probably cost them in the eyes of the human polls, affecting their BCS standings, but I think they should no.5.

8. Louisiana State

The Tigers haven't impressed this season, with only two decent wins over BCS teams - Washington and Mississippi State. They lost two games,Florida and Alabama, blowing leads in both, and giving up that big drive to Alabama's AJ McCarron after controlling him all game was particularly galling. Their conference wins were decent, but not particularly dominant, and I feel they're a little over-rated. No.10 would be a better spot. Lets see how they handle Clemson.

9. Texas A&M

The Aggies just can't stay out of the headlines since beating Alabama, especially with QB Johnny Manziel a sudden Heisman candidate, but I'm not so sure they're top 10 material. Their explosive offense and aggressive defense has taken the SEC by storm, but they were shut down by Florida and LSU in the second half of both games, and their defense gave up a lot of points at times. They probably should be down a couple of notches, but a good win over Oklahoma could change my mind.

10. South Carolina

The Gamecocks were sitting pretty at 6-0 midseason, including smoking the Bulldogs along the way, but then things started to go downhill. Losing Lattimore, a tough loss to LSU where SC only woke up late in the game, and then a thrashing at the hands of Florida dropped the Gamecocks to third in the division, and they never really recovered. Beating Clemson was nice, but not what was hoped for at the start of the season. I think South Carolina are better than their record, and I'd swap them with LSU in the rankings.


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By Al Burke
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