Unless you're competing for the top two spots in the BCS your focus is elsewhere for some teams.  Teams like Wisconsin, UCLA, and Rutgers are too far out to be eligible for an at-large bid, but they're still eligible for an automatic if they win their conference.

But to teams like Oklahoma, Clemson, and Oregon rank is a big portion of your resume. They're a long shot for a conference title so they're focused on finishing in the top 14 to qualify for an at-large bid.

The WinnersBishop Sankey

No. 2 Alabama – Alabama slipped from No. 1 to No. 4 after a loss to Texas A&M last week.  After an Oregon and Kansas State loss all they had to do is beat West Carolina, a 1-10 FBS school, and they’re right back in the mix.  Bama is 2-1 against ranked teams and has been handed the number 2 spot with the worst strength of schedule in the top 10.

No. 4 Florida – In the last three weeks Florida beat Missouri (5-6) by seven, LA-Lafayette (6-5) by seven, and didn’t come close to covering the spread against Jacksonville State (6-5 FBS).   With a laughable non-conference schedule it makes you wonder how they jumped an Oregon team that lost by three, in overtime, to No. 8 Stanford.

No. 8 Stanford – A 3-point win in overtime over No. 1 Oregon was enough to jump five slots in the BCS.   While it’s hard to say they’re being favored after holding the best offense in the nation to 14 points, they easily jumped a Texas A&M team that upset the previous week’s No. 1 team.

The Losers

No. 12 South Carolina – The Gamecocks actually dropped three slots after a win.  But I guess that’s what you get for scheduling Wofford (FBS) so late in the season. 

No. 13 Oklahoma – The Sooners dropped a slot after winning a nail-biter in Morgantown.  Margin of victory isn’t allowed to be a factor in the computer polls but keep in mind the controlling portion of the BCS are the human polls.

No. 17 UCLA – Last week they sealed their division by beating No. 18 USC, yet they remain at No. 17.  I’m a Texas fan and I still think UCLA should have at least jumped the Horns. 

No. 25 Washington – Boise State, Kent State, and Arizona jumped the Huskies even after a 38-3 win over Colorado.  You remember the Huskies, right?  The team that handed No. 8 Stanford it’s only conference loss and was the first team to take down No. 15 Oregon State.


With the BCS selections just a few weeks away, I recommend brushing up on the selection process before getting into those water-cooler debates: http://www.bcsfootball.org/news/story?id=4819597.