BCS National Championship: Notre Dame vs. Alabama

Notre Dame has sealed up their spot in the BCS National Championship, after their big 22-13 victory over arch-rival USC.  Being the only eligible unbeaten team and the fact that they are Notre Dame, there is no chance they won't be heading to Miami.  Who would have thought in August a pre-season unranked Notre Dame would be heading to the national championship?  No one, well except maybe Lou Holtz.

It's pretty obvious that the Alabama-Georgia SEC Championship game is a semi-final to the national title game, the winner of this game will face Notre Dame.  Both teams only have one loss, both to SEC foe's.  In my opinion, Alabama is the much better team.  Georgia had a very easy schedule, not having to play any of the power SEC West schools, Alabama, LSU and Texas A&M.  They only have one top 25 victory, over a very good Florida team.  Against South Carolina, the only other top 25 team they faced, they were blown out, 35-7.  Georgia might play Alabama tough, but the Crimson Tide will eventually come out on top, pushing them into an epic battle with Notre Dame.

Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron

Rose Bowl: Nebraska vs. Stanford

The Rose Bowl will take the winner of the Big 10 and the winner of the Pac 12, likely Nebraska from the Big 10 and Stanford from the Pac 12.  Nebraska shouldn't have any problem with Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship game in Indianapolis.  The Badgers got there by default, with Ohio State and Penn State ineligible.  Even though Montee Ball has had another great season for the Badgers, without Russell Wilson their pass game has gone down the drain, thus having a 7-5 record overall and a 4-4 record in the Big 10.  With a six game win streak going the Cornhuskers have flown under the radar all season long, with only one conference loss to undefeated Ohio State.  A Rose Bowl berth could bring Nebraska back to true relevance for the first time since their glory days of the late 1990's. 

Stanford faces UCLA for the Pac 12 Championship on Friday with a Rose Bowl berth on the line, just six days after their 35-17 victory over the Bruins in Pasadena.  The Cardinal should be able to handle UCLA once again, playing the best they have all season long.  Ever since their loss to top ranked Notre Dame, they have won their last six, the last three being against top 25 teams.  Their streak will be eight after they handle UCLA once again, setting up a low-scoring, powerful matchup against Nebraska in the Rose Bowl.

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon vs. Kansas State

With the Big 12 champion heading to the Fiesta Bowl, it is down to either Kansas State or Oklahoma.  After a devastating loss to Baylor, ruining their shot at a national title, and the fact that it's senior day the Wildcats will be motivated and could potentially blow Texas out.  

While the Ducks will not win the Pac 12, they are by far still the best team in the conference.  There is no doubt the Fiesta Bowl will take the Ducks, setting up a game, that a few weeks ago looked like what was going to be the national championship.  This game will be speed vs. power.

Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Oklahoma

With Alabama heading to the national title, the Sugar Bowl will want to take another SEC team, either Florida or Georgia.  Although Georgia beat them head-to-head, the Sugar Bowl will take the Gators, because they will only have one loss and because of their strength of schedule.  Although the Gators would like to be in Miami, this is a good second option for them, this is better than the Capital One Bowl.

There is really no other team team the Sugar Bowl could take here, because the SEC will already have sent it's  two teams.  Leaving Oklahoma as a very good option.  The Sooners only losses are to top ranked Notre Dame and sixth ranked Kansas State.  The Sooners will also bring a big crowd, which the Sugar Bowl will want.  The Sooners will be looking for revenge after their 2008 national championship loss to Florida.

Orange Bowl: Florida State vs. Louisville

While the odds favor Rutgers claiming the Big East's lone BCS berth, I believe there will be chaos in the Big East this week and Louisville will snatch the Big East title from Rutgers.  For this to happen, Louisville will have to beat Rutgers Thursday night behind injured QB Teddy Bridgewater, as well as have UConn upset Cincinnati.  With a bowl berth on the line and the momentum they are riding on, it sets up a perfect scenario for UConn to stun Cincinnati.  Louisville's talent and Teddy Bridgewater's toughness will defeat Rutgers, sending the Cardinals to the Orange Bowl.

Florida State has proven all-year long that they are the best team in the ACC, and will have no problem defeating Georgia Tech in the ACC title game.  The Yellow Jackets are 6-6, and it is unbelievable that they are meeting in the ACC Championship.  This sets up an interesting Florida State-Louisville Orange Bowl game.