College Football: Not Top 10, Week 10

By Michael Calabrese
October 29, 2012 9:16 pm
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10. Nevermore
A moment of silence for Marcus Lattimore.  We can hope that wasn't his last down of competitive football.

9. Honey Badger Don't Care
Speaking of never playing another down of football…his career is going up in smoke. 

8. Mack Attack
Beating Kansas by four points shouldn't count as win.  A tie, at best.  

7. Going South
USM's head coach Ellis Johnson shouldn't buy any green bananas.  

6. Alligator Arms
Florida just fumbled again. #SacmanJones

5. Knight And Day
False alarm, it was another Rutgers turnover.  

4.  Kings Of Westeros
Well we know Arkansas and Auburn aren't threats in the West, but LSU could really screw things up if they upset Bama on Saturday.  

3. B1G Attraction
The MAC title game should get top billing in Indianapolis and the B1G Ten title game should be shown on ESPN8, The Ocho.  

2. Lipitor
It was either lots of cholesterol pills or a loss for Oregon State.  In-n-Out Burger must hate UW right now.  

1. Four Score
And seven teams still with a chance at the BCS title game.  Four undefeated teams seems likely, if only we could agree on a final four…wait that happened already?

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