Brett Hundley, Marcus Mariota and Taylor Kelly all stepped to the forefront last season with fine performances - and that was just in the PAC 12.

Every year new players step up and provide fans and alumni with something to root for.

I was charged with providing five names, and I found this harder to do than expected, so there are rules:

  1. No fresh meat - the quarterback has to have played before.
  2. No established players who just haven't cut it so far.
  3. No one, like those three above, who have already shown their mettle.

I still selectively came up with 13 names, so here are the eight who are worth keeping an eye on, in school order:

  • Cameron Coffman, Indiana - the Hoosiers are on the comeback under head coach Kevin Wilson, and Coffman is a big part of that. He needs to cut down on the interceptions though.

  • Terrence Broadway, Louisiana-Lafayette - Broadway got better over the course of the season, and was instrumental in the team's 4-0 finish. He could needs some new receivers though.

  • Austin Boucher, Miami (Ohio) - yeah, everyone loves Zac Dysert, but it was Boucher who led the Redhawks to their MAC championship. He's a baller, and has experience.

  • Devin Gardner, Michigan - He's more of a Brady Hoke QB than Denard Robinson ever was, but he's not quite there yet. Let's see what he can do in the offseason.

  • Keenan Reynolds, Navy - Reynolds took over the offense as a freshman and led the Middies to seven consecutive wins. If he can stay healthy, he has a bright future here.

  • Andrew Manley, New Mexico State - Manley played well on a bad team and could take a big step forward in 2013.

  • Everett Golson, Notre Dame - Golson improved as the season went on, but he may not even start in 2013, hence the watchlist appearance.

  • Cody Vaz, Oregon State - Vaz has a training camp battle with Sean Mannion to tend to first, but he is far steadier than his flaky counterpart. If he starts, watch out for the Beavers.

The rest get their own slides. Feel free to offer other suggestions. Enjoy!