College Football Boasts The Only Truly Meaningful Regular Season

By Sweetheart&Stuart Mason
February 22, 2013 9:07 am
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NCAA College Football has a lot of criticism towards their bowl games, but the college football regular season is second to none.

There is no sport in this country that has as much drama in their regular season as college football. Every game is important because one loss could be too many, and there are weeks that have numerous upsets. Alabama and the SEC are dominating college football, while teams like USC, FSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Oklahoma will be trying to stop them. That's a big enough storyline for the college football regular season alone.

Of course, the  National Football League is a monster. But it takes teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, and New York Giants winning for the NFL season to be truly relevant. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Brian Urlacher help carry the ratings in the NFL regular season. One thing is for certain, there is no drama down the stretch like college football.

The NCAA College Baseball regular season is totally off the radar, until the College World Series begins play. Even when traditional teams like Florida State, Texas, and Arizona State play in the College World Series, it's still not a huge event.

NCAA College Basketball's regular season is unwatchable, until Duke plays North Carolina or Kentucky plays Indiana. The ratings in college hoops have dropped in recent years. "March Madness" cures this problem with a huge climax.

As for the National Basketball League, Lebron James and the Miami Heat have tried to carry the NBA's regular season's ratings. Kobe and the aging Los Angeles Lakers are not helping the situation. The NBA playoffs help when the popular teams advance to the next round.

The National Hockey League is not even relevant- unless your from the midwest or Canada (regular season or playoffs).

Oh yeah! Major League Baseball is a long drawn out boring regular season. The nickname "America's Past Time" is a perfect name for the sport. Unless the New York Yankees are in the World Series, nobody cares about the game or the season. 

Whether it's professional or college sports ,college football is the trending sport that will become number one in ratings one day.

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2 years ago
NFL will never be second to any sport.
2 years ago
ACC basketball all the way. Mr SEC!
2 years ago
NFL has 16 games in their season , and the game has become more offense minded. NFL rules!
2 years ago
Love some college basketball, but the football trumps the orange ball.

I guess It's that time of year where the orange ball becomes popular.

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