TebowThe BCS Era was full of tremendous players. From Ricky Williams to Johnny Manziel, this era was stacked with talent. 

I could of made this easy, and add the 2004 USC Trojans and 2002 Miami Hurricanes into one big team.

Then again, I could of also combined the 2013 Florida State team with the 2005 Texas Longhorns. Man, this is going to be harder than I thought.

Jokes aside, your BCS All-American Team was decided by who was the best player at their peak. Not necessarily the best careers, but just plain who is the best of the best of the late '90s to early 2000s.

Let's take a look at the BCS All American Team:

QB Tim Tebow Florida 06-09
RB Adrian Peterson Oklahoma 04-06
RB Ricky Williams Texas 97-99
WRLarry FitzgeraldPittsburgh02-04
WRRyan BroylesOklahoma08-11
T Joe Thomas Wisconsin 03-06
G Barrett Jones Alabama 09-12
C Maurkice Pouncey Florida 07-09
G Luke Joeckel Texas A&M 09-12
T Andre Smith Alabama 06-08
TE Kellen Winslow Miami 01-03 
DT Ndamukong Suh Nebraska 06-09
DT Glenn Dorsey LSU 04-07
DE David Pollack Georgia 01-04
DE Julius PeppersNorth Carolina  99-02
LB Luke KuechlyBoston College  09-11
LBManti Te'o Notre Dame 10-12
LB James LaurinaitisOhio State  05-08
S Ed Reed Miami 99-01
S Roy Williams Oklahoma 00-02
DB Tyrann Matheiu LSU 10-11
DB Champ Bailey Georgia 96-98
K Sebastian Janikowski Florida State 97-99
P Daniel Sepulveda Baylor 03-06

Surprisingly, the toughest choice I had on this list was the punter. Ryan Allen won back to back Ray Guy awards, Sepulveda also won twice. It was a tough choice, but I gave Sepulveda the edge with his three straight All-American honors. 

Quarterbacks had the most depth, as I could of went with Cam Newton, Leinart, Bradford, RGIII, Winston, Palmer, Manziel, or Andrew Luck, as you can make a case for any of them. 

I went with Tebow because he was a winner, and one of the best college players ever. His impact on college football was bigger than any of the other candidates, and RGIII along with Manziel were my second choices. Matt Leinart has been featured on a lot of BCS All-America teams, but I feel his success was due to the talent around him more than what he actually did. 

Running backs were also tricky to pick just two. Adrian Peterson at full health was the best running back in the era, and Ricky Williams with Ron Dayne were right behind him. Ricky Williams was the bigger name and played more in the BCS Era, so he got the edge. 

Wide recievers were the second most difficult to pick from behind punters, as Big 12 recievers in the BCS Era were outstanding. Blackmon, Broyles, Welker, Crabtree, Clayton, and Bryant all made great cases, but I went with the heisman runner-up Larry Fitzgerald and NCAA Receptions leader Ryan Broyles. Percy Harvin and Justin Blackmon were my second choices. 

Kellen Winslow lead the way for tight ends. No doubt that the 2001 first-rounder was the best of the bunch. Dallas Clark and Tyler Eifert were the next in line. 

The offensive linemen weren't near as difficult as there were more dominant offensive linemen who recieved All American honors year after year. 

Ndamukong Suh was the obvious choice at DT and Glenn Dorsey was another guy who had to be on the list. They were by far the most dominant D-Line players in the league. 

Defensive ends weren't too loaded in the last half of the BCS. Jadeveon Clowney is the only one I can name in the last 10 years or so that really sticks out. Julius Peppers and David Pollack got the nod in this position. 

There weren't really any linebackers that dominated college football in the BCS Era. There were some great ones, but none were ever for Heisman consideration aside from Te'o. With lots of spread offenses who like to use all parts of the field, the linebackers weren't left with a lot to work with at the college level. 

There were some elite safeties in the early 2000's. Roy Williams and Ed Reed were some of the best safetys to ever play the game, and both went on to remain elite at the NFL. They both also helped guide their teams to National Championships, 2000 for Roy Williams and 2002 for Ed Reed. 

I went with two-year standout Tyrann Matheiu as my DB. He had 4 total TDs without playing on offense once. If he had finished out his career at LSU, then who knows how good he could of been. Champ Bailey was also the best corner in college his last couple of years, and continued on his success at the NFL. 

I ended up picking a kicker with a last name ending in "owski". No surprise there. 

For every guy on that list, there was easily another guy I could have replaced him with. That's how much talent there is in the BCS Era. I'm also excited to see stars step up in the all new College Football Playoff era as well.