James Franklin Not everyone can be a rock star. Not everyone can be Pete Carroll or Jim Harbaugh or even Nick Saban for that matter.

But there are some coaches that once they take a step on campus, the culture of the football team changes. These 10 coaches hope to do that.

And yes, there could be some rock stars among the list. Most coaches are just moving from one place to another. Others are taking over where legends stood before them.

Whatever the case may be, these names could make major changes in the college ranks in 2014.

1. James Franklin - Penn State

He may have lucked out more than any other coach this season. Franklin is the new star in the east and will show Penn State loyalists that there really is life after Joe Pa.

2. Charlie Strong - Texas

There are some boosters who hate this move. I am on the fence. If Strong learns to tolerate the buffet and club circuit and stick to strong recruiting, this hire will go down as the best of the season in college

3. Steve Sarkisian - USC

This was such an easy slam dunk. Sarkisian has blood lines to the program, looks every bit the part of the Trojans' offense and could make them a title contender. He did everything right to get this job.

4. Jeremy Pruitt - Georgia

He has blood lines that now run from Alabama to FSU to Georgia. In his previous two stops, he won national titles. Let’s see what he can do in Athens with the Dawgs' defense.

5. Chris Petersen - Washington

He comes to Washington after being named as a candidate for several schools in the past. Petersen did all he could in Idaho and now takes a crack at the Pac 12.

6. Kurt Roper - Florida

As far as assistants go, the Gators picked a gem and in the process put everyone in the SEC on notice. Duke averaged over 400 yards in total offense last season. The Gators averaged under 300 per game.

7. Derek Mason - Vanderbilt

He is a defensive coach coming from Stanford to a defensive team in the SEC. Great hire. Mason could surprise us all and have Vanderbilt back where it was last season. This team will be bowl bound in 2014.

8. Lane Kiffin - Alabama

We all laugh at this kid and wonder if he is the Joe Buck of coaching - job by entitlement. Seriously, Kiffin has a great offensive mind. The Tide will use it well against SEC opponents.

9. Bobby Petrino - Louisville

We all laugh at it, but Petrino’s coaching skills have not diminished. He can still write X’s and O’s with the best of them and Louisville is still the best place for him in this business.

10. Brent Pease - Washington

Let’s see if this was about Florida or about him. Pease could be a good fit with former Boise State boss, Chris Petersen. If not, it shows that he as just a cog in the game plans designed by his bosses in college.