Colin KaepernickI grew up in the Bay Area of California. I was born in Oakland in 1976, and moved to the Bay Area suburbs in 1986, so watching Bay Area NFL football is just something that I have always done.

The Bay Area football fan bases are pretty much separated by the bay water itself.

If you stay in the East Bay which is Oakland, Hayward, Richmond, San Leandro etc., you are most likely an Oakland Raiders fan.

If you live on the peninsula which is San Francisco, Burlingame, Daly City, and Marin County, which is the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge you are probably a Niners fan.

The South Bay where San Jose is located is pretty much an even split between Raiders and 49ers fans.

Watching the 49ers this season was a definite treat. Especially after the dark times that the franchise had gone through with the family squabble over ownership of the team and the 49ers product falling off after their 2002 season.

But now, these last two seasons have given 49ers fans a whole lot of hope with the arrival of Jim Harbaugh, and now starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick -- who is undoubtedly the most talented quarterback the 49ers' franchise has ever had.

That is a bold statement considering the quarterback lineage the Niners have had with Joe Montana, a four-time Super Bowl champion, and Steve Young, a two-time NFL Most Valuable Player and Super Bowl champion.

Colin Kaepernick, however, has tools that make him the ultimate weapon at quarterback. I remember a Sports Illustrated cover when I was a kid where they said that Randall Cunningham (when he was on the Philadelphia Eagles) was "The Ultimate Weapon", because of his arm strength and running ability.

Those statements may have been true for that time. But as we sit here in 2013 and see the landscape of NFL quarterbacks as it stands today, it is easy to say that Colin Kaepernick is clearly "The Ultimate Weapon" of this generation.

We have never seen a quarterback that has world class speed, coupled with the arm strength and velocity of Dan Marino. Kaepernick, in his short body of work has thrown balls that look like he would put a hole in the side of a barn.

When you compare the skill-set and attributes of Randall Cunningham and Colin Kaepernick there are similarities. They are both about the same height, Cunningham is 6'4 and Kaepernick is 6'5. They both also are built similarly since they are both long, gangly looking quarterbacks. 

But what makes Kaepernick a better version is that he is more accurate and possesses better speed. If Sports Illustrated wanted to make another cover with Kaepernick on it and "The Ultimate Weapon 2.0" moniker attached to it, they would be well within their rights because Colin Kaepernick is Version 2.0.

The 49ers franchise has nothing to hold their heads down about after losing the Super Bowl Sunday evening. It just was not their time. But best believe that Niners football is back and here to stay. They have the pieces in place, and "The Ultimate Weapon 2.0" at the helm.