Hazing is Not Bullying

The media needs to stop blowing hazing out of proportion. If you have never been a crucial part of a team with high physical and mental demands, then you just might not understand. Hazing can help the team build up and blow off steam. It’s one thing when you hear of straight bullying and beatings, but most of the time it’s just pranks; fun for grown men who are spending half the year in close quarters.

My point is that if you have never played intense teams sports or have been in the military, then you simply cannot relate. They may seem like they are picking on each other, but just wait and see what happens if an outsider tried something like this to a Giants player. This is why simple shoving matches can turn into fights, you see that as your brother being shoved and then fists start to fly on both sides.

Is the Prince still a rookie?

In my opinion, yes. Why? Well he missed half of the year last year and the players didn’t get to have their fair fun with him. After all, you’re not going to pick on a guy with a broken foot.

Why not after he got healthy last year?

The season was in full swing and the Giants had their eyes on winning the Super Bowl not playing games with the rookies.

Did JPP go too far?

No. It’s plain and simple; they were joking and playing around. Price wasn’t fighting or kicking, he was just going with the flow and I have a feeling he knew what was coming. Prince hasn’t been the first to be dunked in a tub of cold water and he won’t be the last.

Should the coaching staff be mad?

They almost have to be now that the public has seen the video. I’m willing to bet it’s more upsetting that it made it to the internet then that it actually happened. Tom Coughlin has been coaching a very long time and I’m sure he has seen far worse hazing incidents.

Should any of the players be punished?

No, the players should have to sit through a few extra meetings with hints as to why they are sitting through death by power point of why we don’t post locker room jokes online.

Did the Prince get his feelings hurt?

Yes, I hate to say this but the look on his face said it all to me. It’s hazing, you’re not going to smile from ear to ear. Hopefully Prince understands everyone on the team has gone through something similar and doesn’t take it personally.

Was it irresponsible?

Yes. I hate to say this as well, but the Giants' depth at CB is scary enough that they don’t need to start being picked up and thrown into a tub. After being pushed mentally and physically on the field, the players are bound to have a little dumb fun. It’s better to see it happening like this rather than at say a bar when that player decides it’s not far of a drive home and he can make it…

Is there a chemistry problem?

No, absolutely not. Coughlin keeps a pulse on his team and the Giants always seem to come together under the most stressful of situations. There is no reason to think that something this minor will cause a locker room divide. The Giants have pulled off two remarkable Super Bowl trips in five years and chemistry is the last thing real Giants fans should be worried about.

Final note, the Giants fans should know that the media never has anything nice to say about them so don’t ever take them to seriously. It’s seems like just the other year it was fire Coughlin, trade Manning and rebuild… Oh wait that was the media last year.

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