RG3By now, everyone who follows the NFL knows that Robert Griffin III has tears in his ACL and LCL.

And that Mike Shanahan has tried to pin the blame on everyone besides the waterboy for rushing Griffin back and leaving him in the game against Seattle when he was obviously not performing at a high level. 

Griffin has also admitted he would have refused to leave the game had Shanahan tried to pull him out.

Now Griffin could be out for a year and might not return to form for another two years (or maybe ever).

Having a warrior mentality and a powerful drive to win is exactly why these players and coaches have reached the NFL, but they need to exercise reasonable caution, or risk wasting high draft picks and big contracts. 

Bruises and stingers can be ignored, but a serious sprain that a team doctor feels skittish about should not be ignored.

The recent controversy over the long-term effects of concussions boils down to this same lack of caution. It started with defensive players moving away from proper tackling (which protects both players involved in the tackle), but grew into a lawsuit and massive media debate. 

The players need to protect themselves and their opponents from long-term injury, and the coaches need to consider long-term ramifications for their team. 

Risking player health hurts franchises, wasting draft picks, cap space, and large amounts of revenue. Coaching jobs won't stay secure when using only backup-caliber quarterbacks - Kansas City and Arizona are proof of that.

It's good to be a warrior, but all you players and coaches, listen to your doctors.

The author sends his condolences to Griffin and Redskins fans everywhere. He has been dreading facing RGIII for the next 10-15 years, but does not wish serious injury on anyone. He can be found on Facebook or Twitter via his author page.