Brandon WeedenThe Bengals play host to the inner-state rival Cleveland Browns this Sunday, and the stakes are very high for Cincinnati already. 

After being obliterated on Monday Night Football by division foe Baltimore, the Bengals cannot afford to lose two division games right out of the gates.

The Cleveland Browns put up an even less impressive performance Sunday at home against the Eagles.

The defense played great but the offense was worse than ever under brand new quarterback Brandon Weeden and rookie running back Trent Richardson. 

Brandon Weeden played the worst game ever played by a rookie quarterback in his first game, posting a rating of 5.1. 

Trent Richardson looked "soft" in his debut, being tackled on impact nearly every time. 

Both of these team's confidence has to be shaken after their Week 1 performances, so one of two things is going to happen. 

They will come out with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove, or they will look timid and scared. In Cleveland's case, I think it's going to be the latter. 

First bold prediction: Brandon Weeden will play better than he did last week. The only reason this is true is because he really can't play any worse! 

I expect a lot more running in this game and more of a short to intermediate passing attack to keep Weeden from throwing the game away...literally. This will be awfully boring to watch, but should eliminate the turnovers.

Second bold prediction: The Bengals will bounce back from a very bad second half of football Monday night and put points on the board consistently. A.J. Green will have a huge game and might even catch multiple touchdowns, and the "Law Firm" will have a big day on the ground.

Third bold prediction: The Bengals will win this game by multiple touchdowns. There's no way this team is as bad as they looked against Baltimore. The Ravens are just that good!

The Browns don't have Joe Flacco torching them through the air nor do they have Ray Rice running wild.  They have two rookies that will continue to stumble and make the Bengals' defense look like the 85 Bears' D. 

Final Score: Bengals win 31-13