In a game that was supposed to be one of the more boring games in the NFL this week the clash of Ohio turned out to be a high scoring barn burner. 

Both teams wanted to come out and show that last weeks performances were just anomalies and they could really play. In a game with many heroes and no zeros I thought we would do an ode to Hockey giving out the three stars of the game.

1. Andy Dalton - After a horrible first week Dalton came out this week and showed why the Bengals are in love with him.  Throwing for 318 yards and 3 touchdowns he was the dominate performer of the game.  He did not let last week hangover and he proved that he is a very good decision maker in the pocket.

2. Brandon Weeden - After a week where analysts were saying the browns made the worst pick of the draft on the kid, he showed he does have the talent to play in this league.  If the Browns want to compete in the NFL they need Weeden to develop quickly.  Weeden threw for 322 yards and 2 touchdowns.

3. Trent Richardson - Being as highly touted as Richardson was coming out of college it is hard to live up to the hype.  Richardson did just that today rushing for 109 yards and a touchdown.  He also had 4 receptions for 36 yards and a touchdown.  He was a dominating force in the loss this week.  His two touchdowns were both impressive plays the rushing touchdown was for 32 yards and the receiving touchdown was for 23 yards. 

It was a hard fought game and in the end the Bengals won 34-27 over the Browns but both teams flashed offenses that are young and talented.  Dalton, Weeden and Richardson all have the potential to be names we hear about for a long time in the NFL.