It looks like Johnny Manziel will continue to be the center of controversy in Cleveland, in spite of himself. The rookie quarterback, chosen with the 22nd pick in this month’s NFL Draft has been named in a lawsuit that claims the former Heisman Trophy winner and Texas A&M Aggies star sexually assaulted a female is asking for $25 million in a lawsuit that has been made public.

A story on explain the details that appear to be stranger by the minute. The documents were filed in federal court in Florida on May 16. The Deputy Court Clerk in Tampa said the complaint arrived by mail and there is no way to confirm who the sender actually is. It was apparently mailed from Trenton, N.J. The claim lists no attorney and contains no supporting documents.

Ever since the Browns drafted Manziel a little over two weeks ago, nothing has been the same in the organization form Twitter rants to management stating Manziel will compete for the starting job and is a backup to issues the team is still dealing with concerning star receiver Josh Gordon. If there was a team to watch in the offseason for your daily dose of drama, you certainly wouldn’t think it would come out of Cleveland.

The Browns did enough in the offseason to give their fans hope this would be a year of change – that the team would finally turn the corner and improve. But judging by questionable drafting and now this kind of media attention, it shows nothing has changed and although the parts might better, the hope is already waning.

Here are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of this team for 2014.

The Good: A solid offseason

The franchise signed solid players to the roster and made a great move in signing Ben Tate – a player who has been linked to the franchise for some time. Tate will be the replacement workhorse to Trent Richardson and give the Browns the best runner they have had since the mid-1980s.

The team also retained center Alex Mack, a player that wanted to play in Jacksonville, but the offer was matched by the franchise.

The Bad: The Manziel effect

I really not have to say how I feel about this – you already know. I am not a fan of Johnny Manziel. While Cleveland appears to be an ideal spot or him, he is so much a wild card hat it just screams mass destruction once he plays in Ohio. Look for management to again bring him in and grab the reins a bit. Cleveland is known as a loveable losing town. Manziel is a rock star and somehow this marriage has to work and work soundly. If not, Manziel is out of the league in three seasons and the Browns organization is set back a decade or two.

The Ugly: It is still Cleveland

While it looks like this team could reach single-digit losses in 2014, there is still the mystique that this is Cleveland – a player where good players go to die.

Can a new head coach that really wasn’t on the radar of the team, Mike Pettine, a new passer with a bad reputation in Manziel and a running back with a chip on his shoulder co-exist? If it can, this could be the Browns’ best season ever. If not, it will implode badly.