Paul Kruger And so it starts, the Cleveland Browns are spending money on players who don’t make sense. 

Paul Kruger does not make sense.

Kruger came to Baltimore in 2009 from the University of Utah.  In his four NFL season Kruger has started a grand total of six games. 

Yes, you saw that correctly six games. However, he has played in 51 games total while recording 15.5 career sacks, which doesn’t impress me at all. Kruger also has recorded 69 tackles, that’s an average of 17.25 tackles per season.

Why not go after an every-down defensive player who plays and starts on a constant basic? What gives with this move? I will be honest, I saw this coming. They have been talking about the Browns signing Paul Kruger here in Northeast Ohio since the end of the season. 

He has some decent games in 2012 while help the Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl title. In Super Bowl XLVII Kruger did have two sacks that ended two 49er drives.

There were better opinions out there for the Cleveland Browns on defense. A player like Cliff Avril would have made an excellent fit with the Browns. Avril has started 59 games in his career and has recorded 39.5 sacks as well. He also has forces 16 fumbles in his career.

Paul Kruger is definitely not worth $40 million over five years. Really, $8 million for a guy who’s only started six career games?

It seems like way too much of a gamble to me. But, hey, it is the Browns.