Jamaal CharlesThe Chiefs are the only undefeated team left in the league, and with the matchup against the Cleveland Browns, the Chiefs have a great shot of puttting up big numbers and plays in the game this coming Sunday. 

These are my bold predictions for this game. Enjoy. 

1. Alex Smith as we all know isnt the "stat" master, but the Chiefs don't need a "stat" master they need a winner. Smith, is just that.

That runs in one of my bold predictions for this Sunday's game and that is that Alex Smith will throw for over 350 yards and four touchdowns. Some people might think different, but this isn't Matt Cassel from last year. This is Alex Smith and leading a team with a undeafeated team. Look for a breakout game from Smith this Sunday.

2. We all know now that the Chiefs' offense is ran through Jamaal Charles and he is set up to have a greatgame this weekend. I could see Charles having three touchdowns and over 150 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving. Charles is the main focus in the offense and he need that breakout game and Sunday could be that day. Look out fantasy owners.

We all should know by now that the Chiefs argurably have the best defense in the league and have carried this team to the record they have now.

3. The prediction is that the D will get over three or four interceptions and will get to QB Jason Campbell over 7 to 8 times for a sack. This could be another huge day for the Chiefs' D and it could be this Sunday.

This ends the Three Bold Predictions for the Browns at Chiefs game. I hope you enjoyed and make sure to watch out for this predictions.