Norv Turner The Cleveland Browns will make the NFL's postseason next year, which should please Cleveland native Drew Carey. Here are five reasons why in no particular order.

1. Offensive Coordinator, Norv Turner - Turner, while not that impressive as a head coach, is a wonderful coordinator.

He knows how to draw plays and get the most out of his offense no matter who he has playing for him. Plus, his son Scott, is the wide-receivers coach so he has a familiar face there.

2. Trent Richardson - This guy is a beast. He's a man among boys. He is a not a superstar in the making, he is already a superstar. He will lead the rushing attack and give the team a Sherman tank in the backfield.

3. Michael Lombardi - When he signed on as VP of player personnel, that showed that team is committed to winning. Lombardi rejoins the team that he started with as a scout in 1987. He knows the organization inside and out. He knows what he is talking about.  He was able to stay in tune with the game working as an analyst on NFL Network.

4. The Dawg Pound - The stadium is a great place to watch a football game. When the wind blows off of Lake Erie, especscially in the winter, and when the fans get crazy, it means nightmares for the opponents.

5. Their Schedule - Among the home games the team will have next season, other than the usual Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh, they play Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Detroit. Those are three very winnable games. Turner will make adjustments to give the team a chance to score more points which will mean more wins.