Following another dismal year, the Cleveland Browns have more questions than solutions for the upcoming season. Already this offseason the Browns made the new front office shift of power official, along with firing head coach Pat Shurmur and releasing Mike Holmgren.

The new big man in Berea is Jimmy Haslam, a well-described businessman who doesn’t deal with defeats kindly and demands improvements to nip his losses. 

Haslam has already hired Joe Banner to take over the general managing duties. Banner had a healthy stay with the Eagles before joining Haslam in Cleveland. The concerns at the coaching positions were answered with the hiring of head coach Rob “Chud” Chudzinski, offensive coordinator Norv Turner, and defensive coordinator Ray Horton.

The offseason has been supplied with a fine build up, but there are still more questions than answers for the Browns. These are five questions every Browns fan should be asking right now: