Tim Couch 1999 QB Tim Couch (Kentucky)

Right off the bat, the Browns made a horrible pick in drafting Tim Couch.  Granted Couch was the top-rated QB entering the draft, but his play didn't translate well at the next level for the Browns. 

During his first few seasons in Cleveland, Couch threw up less than 60 percent and added more picks than touchdowns. 

His best season was in 2008, tossing up 18 TDs and picks. The kid went on to join the Packers in 2004 after being released by the Browns. 

He had a terrible training camp and was booed off the field by the Packers faithful. 

In 2007 drug allegations started to surround Couch, but to his credit he did marry Heather Kozar and currently works for Fox Sports South. Good college career, but a terrible first round pick.

2000 DE Courtney Brown (Penn State)

Oh how I do love to pick on the Browns for this injury-riddled flash in the pan, that only lasted the better part of four years in the NFL, he retired in 2005. His first two seasons were the flash, 8 sacks overall but 4.5 of those came over games he played the following season due to injuries. Another very promising college kid that fizzled out at the next level.

2001 DT Gerrard Warren (Florida)

I'm on the fence about this kid, but can say while he was in Cleveland he was a very good tackler and sack man; he was also very disruptive to opposing backfields. It's his post-Browns career that has me swaying to the left, but we are discussing Browns 1st rounders here, and while in Cleveland, Warren was an anchor inside the defensive line.

2002 RB Williams Green (Boston College)

Entering the draft the kid already had two marijuana suspensions the caused his stock to drop. I think the Browns smoked the same stuff by making him their first round selection in 2002. His rookie year wasn't too bad, but what follow was a nightmare. 

Drunk driving and another mary jane arrest, and the league suspending him four games, during which he was stabbed in the back (literally) by his at the time fiance, Asia Gray.

His 2005 effort, in my opinion, his best play was a fight with Steelers linebacker Joey Porter, it's a rivalry, and anytime a Browns player can give a Steelers player a shiner, I'm a happy man! But he never regained his rookie year success before the Browns booted him with an injury settlement.

2003 OC Jeff Faine (Notre Dame)

Faine was clearly a late bloomer who performed better after being traded following two seasons with the Browns. He was no Mack while in Cleveland, but did very well including a 2007 Pro Bowl alternate selection for the Saints. 

He played the rest of his career in Tampa Bay and was signed by the Bengals last season, only to be released during the first week of December. A good player for the Saints and Bucs, but another dud for the Browns.

2004 TE Kellen Winslow Jr. (Miami, FL)

Winslow's first two seasons didn't make him a common day fan of the Browns faithful, a regular punch line after the parking lot incident. He was drafted in 2004, but didn't get his first TD until 2006 in a season where he finally took off as a player for the Browns. 

In the same season Winslow put up 89 receptions and in 2007 put up 82 receptions and started in the Pro Bowl. Following a staph infection he was traded to the Bucs. All in all he had a decent career while in Cleveland, so I can't say he wasn't a dud pick, but not enough to call him a stud unless you like parking lot crashes, ahem, on his own too no other automobiles were around him.

2005 WR Braylon Edwards (Michigan)

I can't find anything good to say about a player that rips his team after being traded, but I will say he had a very good season in 2007 becoming the first Browns receiver since Webster Slaughter to make the Pro Bowl. So, average receiver that had one good season before being dealt to the Jets, where he then ripped the Browns and announced that he needed a "fresh start".
Wimbley 2006 OLB Kamerion Wimbley

I can't knock Wimbley's job during his stay with the Browns. The Browns experimented with a 3-4 set that played horribly for a few seasons. 

Wimbley had 11 sacks in his rookie season, and almost earned Defensive Rookie of the Year, but his play went under the radar. 

Wimbley put up 15.5 sacks over the next three seasons combined. He was traded to the Raiders, where he put up 16 sacks in two seasons. 

He signed with the Titans last season and put up 6 sacks. Overall a consistent player and a good draft pick, just a terrible defense during his time in Cleveland.

2007 OT Joe Thomas (Wisconsin) & QB Brady Quinn (Notre Dame)

I'm not getting into any discussion(s) about Brady Quinn except for the fact he was worse than Colt McCoy, finished, done talking about this bum. Now with Joe Thomas' selection, the Browns started to figure out how to draft good first round talent, remove the bum, and Joe Thomas is etching his name into Browns history. 

Since 1999 he is the best tackle the Browns have and he still has plenty of seasons ahead of him.  He's a tank and blocks with authority. Thomas was later selected for the 2008 Pro Bowl and he was the only vote-getter for Offensive Rookie of the Year behind Adrian Peterson. He's been in six Pro Bowls and clearly has been the best 1st round pick since 1999.

2008  No pick, thanks to the QB we will not name!

2009 OC Alex Mack (California)

The Browns got back on track in 2009 selecting a very reliable center, Alex Mack. Mack joined Thomas to further help the Browns bolster better blocking, despite adding Thomas, the protection woes continued as QBs were fighting not to become a turf meal. The bad blocking was a curse to the passing game, despite who started, they had very little time to find a receiver down field before getting pounded.  The line did improve and Mack was a second alternate pick behind Nick Mangold for the Pro Bowl.

2010 CB Joe Haden (Florida)

He entered with some doubts, but Haden became the first Browns player since 1968 to intercept a pass in four straight games, and finished his rookie season with 6 picks. An Adderall boost cost him four games last season, and his play was up and down. Overall he's been a key cornerstone in the secondary.

2011  DT Phil Taylor (Baylor)

It's hard to form and opinion of Taylor. He had a good rookie season nothing near 60 tackles and 4 sacks. He was injured most of last season, so that didn't hurt nor help his 1st round rating. He could be a stud, but he could also turn out to be a dud.

2012  RB Trent Richardson (Alabama) & QB Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State)

Weeden was unimpressive in his 29-year-old debut. With the QB battle and different coaches, it's likely Weeden will turn out like the QB we do not name, thus is a dud.

Trent Richardson was a beast. I don't care what you say, he reminded me of Kevin Mack. That hit he made that sent an Eagles defensive player's helmet spinning of his head said it all. This kid's a keeper. I was a big Kevin Mack fan, and Richardson has that and more -- great pick.

2013  OLB "Keke" Mingo (LSU)

I'm going out on a limb to predict Mingo will have an excellent rookie season opposite of Paul Kruger. The kid has talent and he has more room to grow. Yes, you have it archived, Mingo is a stud pick.