A.J. GreenToday's game was sponsored by the Law Firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis: "Thank you for missing those tackles."

The Bengals' Hero:

The 'wildcat formation'.

More specifically, wide receiver Mohamed Sanu, who took the very first snap of the game with quarterback Andy Dalton lined up wide (in Sanu's typical spot).

Sanu dropped back and then threw a javelin down field to a sprinting A.J. Green.

I say "javelin" because Redskins fans felt as if one just got run through their hearts.

Wide receiver A.J. Green then ran the final few yards to the end zone with, not surprisingly, a tuckered out Redskins defender lagging several yards behind.

The Bengals' Zero:

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, and his strange decision to call for a fake field goal deep in Redskins territory, despite leading already, 14-7, in the second quarter of the game. Ultimately it didn't affect the outcome, but imagine the explaining Lewis would have to do if, upon being stymied on the fake, the Redskins took momentum from that to score. (They didn't, though.)

The Redskins' Hero:

Quarterback Robert Griffin III, for intensity, intestinal fortitude & HEART.

If it was possible to win football games with heart and not a thing else, the Skins would be 3-0 right now instead of 1-2. Griffin III, despite being sacked five times, got himself right back up to play another down each time. He was the top rusher of the game, with 85 yards.

One such rush had 'heart' written all over it.

Early in the second half, quarterback Robert Griffin III showed us all, as he has many times thus far, why he was worthy of the price paid for him. He ran along the sideline and, nearing the end zone, lunged for the pylon like a jungle cat goes for a prey. He was called out of bounds, but his courage kept fans hoping for a comeback win.

The Redskins' Zero:

Cornerback Josh Wilson and the Redskins' secondary.

They try, I know. And not in the "Certificate of Participation" award we got in elementary school for our science fair exhibit that melted the gymnasium floor. They played a role in a third quarter sack of Andy Dalton.

But Wilson's repeated 'Oops!' moments are getting too commonplace. Giving up one of the THREE 50 yards and longer touchdown passes of the day is not good conerbacking.

Quarterback Josh Freeman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you're next! Happy career passing day to you!