1. Vontaze Burfict hot-headed?

During a joint-training camp with the Atlanta Falcons, Vontaze Burfict and Steven Jackson got into an altercation, because Burfict didn't like the fact that Steven Jackson constantly ran with his head down. Coming out of college, Burfict has been known to be overly aggressive and to carry a bad temper, he in turn retaliated by "jumping" on Jackson's back. Burfict did not see the problem, saying the altercation was "overplayed", but Marvin Lewis saw different, "I told him if he did that to me what he did to Steven, I would have hit him with a two by four, Steven should have gotten him in his sleep last night." This may raise questions to whether Vontaze Burfict can control his temper on the field in the regular season.


2. Can Orson Charles prove to be versatile?

One of the top tight end prospects of the 2012 NFL Draft, 22-year old Orson Charles was told that he's wanted at fullback position, instead of tight end, after finishing the 2012 season with eight receptions for 101 yards in six games as a rookie. The new running backs' coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, Hue Jackson hand-picked Orson for the fullback position, stating that he has an excellent ability to run and catch, one can see the notable work by Hue Jackson from looking at Marcel Reece, who was also converted by Jackson, and has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the Oakland Raiders, displaying his versatile abilites by catching, running, and blocking. Reece was also the only player on the Oakland Raiders to get selected to the 2013 Pro Bowl. Can Orson Charles live up to the expectations of being versatile?


3. Terence Newman still fresh?

The 2-time pro bowl cornerback, Terence Newman, is the second oldest player on the Cincinnati Bengals at the age of 34. Many players at this age come with experience, but tend to slow down after 10 years in the league, yet Terence Newman reportedly looked as if he was 23 years of age at training camp. During a seven-on-seven, Newman ran "step-for-step" with the 23-year old, second-year wide receiver, Mohamed Senu down the sideline, and knocked Andy Dalton's pass away. This makes Newman look promising as he lines up against younger opposing receivers in the regular season.


4. Shaun Prater: Lack of maturity?

After sitting out his entire rookie season in result of being placed on the IR last year, the second-year cornerback, Shaun Prater was given an earful by the coaches in training camp for being too aggressive. Prater reportedly got into a tangle with rookie receiver, Roy Roundtree, in which the coaching staff let go, yet once Prater threw Andrew Hawkins to the ground, which instigated a reaction from the third-year receiver, Prater was pulled off the field by defensive coordinator, Mark Zimmer. This shows Shaun Prater may lack the maturity to handle simple tasks on the field. If he instigates altercations with his teammates, how hard will it be instigate an altercation with an opposing wide receiver? Not very.


5. How can Tyler Eifert benefit the Bengals in 2013?

The former Indianapolis Colts' president, Bill Polian, thinks Tyler Eifert is a "unique" tight end. Polian went on to note the 6-6, 250-pound rookie tight end's size will be a major factor in his ability to catch the ball, as he describes Eifert as a "rebounder", his physical ability to use his big body to catch contested balls. In college, Eifert has been known for his jumping ability, to be able to out-jump a defensive back to win that contested catch, which compliments his height. It has been reported that Andy Dalton ran an interesting two-tight end formation with Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert. Could this mean Cincinnati Bengals' fans could possibly see a dual-threat formation, similar to that of the 2012 New England Patriots with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez?