James Harrison1. James Harrison's aversion to Hard Knocks:

James Harrison discussed his reasons why he wasn't very fond of Hard Knocks' cameras attending the Cincinnati Bengals' training camp.

He said, "I don't feel they deserve to be here. They did nothing to be here other than they want to be here. They didn't put no blood, sweat and tears into any of this. All these men here, they've done that. They did nothing. No one deserves to see this, to come inside unless you're part of this."

Do you agree with Harrison? Or is he making a big deal out of nothing?

2. Another Vontaze Burfict altercation?!

Vontaze Burfit and tight end Jermaine Gresham got into an altercation after Gresham caught a pass over the middle, and Burfict reportedly "made sure he wasn't going anywhere".

Words were exchanged between the two as the helmets were grill-to-grill, along with some pushing and shoving. After Burfict's altercation with Atlanta Falcons' running back Steven Jackson, one can assume he initiated this altercation. This needs to stop before the regular season starts.

3. Geno Atkins' consistent production:

Geno Atkins has been receiving acknowledgement for his performance in training camp. During 11-on-11 drills, he is continually getting through the offensive line, but obviously since it's training camp; he cannot touch the quarterback.

Atkins was also able to do the same against the Altanta Falcons' offensive line during their joint training camp. Atkins was able to get through so many times, he wasn't sure how many sacks he would've had if he was allowed to touch the quarterback.

Also during an 11-on-11, Atkins dropped back in coverage, and was able to pick off Andy Dalton for a a pick-six, a pass that was intended for rookie receiver, Jheranie Boyd.

Atkins is one of the main reasons the Bengals' overall defense was ranked No. 6 in the league last season.

4. Has Josh Johnson implemented himself as a sure backup quarterback?

Josh Johnson showcased his talent in the Bengals' first preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons, registering stats of: 9-of16 (56.2 percent), 100 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 95.8 passer rating. Johnson has continued his success in training camp, throwing a 60-yard touchdown to rookie wide receiver Cobi Hamilton, who was surprisingly able to get past Terence Newman -- regarded as one of best cornerbacks on the team, along with Leon Hall.

5. Andrew Hawkins not too concerned about his injury:

Andrew Hawkins doesn't have a surgery pending for his sprained ankle, and doesn't have a time frame for his return, but he expects to return sometime this season. Cornerback Brandon Ghee untintentionally stepped on Hawkins' foot as he made a diving catch -- something Marvin Lewis has told receivers NOT to do.

"I shouldn't have dove. I wish I wouldn't have dove. But if I didn’t get hurt, I'm happy I dove."