While it seemed that the other NFL organizations were high on draft day, the Cincinnati Bengals kept their focus on the right selections. The following is the -A group of draft selections made by the Cincinnati Bengals:

Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame-TE) caught 50 passes for 685 yards, can block well for the run and the pass. He is 6'5 250 lbs. and can run a 4.68 second 40 yard dash.  

Giovani Bernard (North Carolina-RB) Bernard rushed for over 1,200 yards, received for 490 yards, and returned 263 yards in punt returns. He will be an extra target for quarterback Andy Dalton to throw at.

Shawn Williams (Georgia-SS)  6'1 217 lb. strong safety who is very good at defending the rush. While at Georgia, Williams had 98 total tackles and could assist well in coverage.

Sean Porter (Texas A/M-OLB) Porter was great against the run and on pass coverage. He will be much needed against teams in the AFC Central who like to throw the ball to their tight ends.

Tanner Hawkinson 6'5 300 lbs. (Kansas), Reid Fragel 6'8 310 lbs. (Ohio State), and TJ Johnson 6'6 319 lbs. (South Carolina) The Bengals beefed up their offensive line with three guys who blocked for schools that were balanced on offense.

Rex Burkhead (Nebraska-FB) To keep the pressure off the QB, Rex Burkhead will use his 5'11 190 lb. frame to help pound the football for the Bengals. While at Nebraska, Burkhead had 3,329 career yards rushing the football.

Cobi Hamilton (Arkansas-WR) A.J. Green will be able to get open more because Cobi Hamilton can be that extra threat for the Bengals. Hamilton runs the 40 yard dash in 4.56 seconds ,and he caught 175 passes for 2,854 yards with 18 TDs at Arkansas.

If the Bengals keep having draft classes like the ones in the past three years, they will be the new dominate team in the AFC Central for years to come.

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