Andy DaltonWeek 1: Cincinnati Bengals 20 @ Chicago Bears 30

This could be a troublesome game for the Bengals. They didn't address the tackle position and against a attack-first defense that could be a issue.

Their strength could be stopping the pass which is the Bears' specialty.

Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals 24 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 17

This, the Bengals' home opener could, make it very tricky for the Steelers. The Bengals have the ability to sit back on the pass against a poor Steelers offense. Expect it close but Bengals will pull it out

Week 3: Cincinnati Bengals 21 vs. Green Bay Packers 38

Mark my words here, AJ Green will pull in 125+ yards and a touchdown in this game. But it won't be enough to stop this knockout offense led by Aaron Rodgers.

Week 4: Cincinnati Bengals 27 vs. Cleveland Browns 13

Although I believe the Browns will be a good team, I think they are still a year or two away missing a few pieces. The Bengals will be able to somewhat have their way with the Browns.

Week 5: Cincinnati Bengals 26 vs. New England Patriots 24 *Upset Alert*

I believe this is where the first upset happens. Bengals will be able to shut down what's left of the Patriots' receiving corps. This is a dog fight but Bengals will pull it out.

Week 6: Cincinnati Bengals 30 @ Buffalo Bills 13

I don't think this one is even close. What Buffalo does worst and Cincinnati does best matches up. Bengals could sleep through this one in my opinion.

Week 7: Cincinnati Bengals 17 @ Detroit Lions 34

Coming off a game where they will tear up the Bills. I believe they get tore up by the Lions who have a multi dimensional offensive attack now with Bush.

Week 8: Cincinnati Bengals 21 vs. New York Jets 24

 This is the closest one that I have predicted yet. But, I believe if Jets' defense can show up just a little the Jets can pull this one out in a dog fight.

Week 9: Cincinnati Bengals 27 @ Miami Dolphins 23

Miami will show up to play, but I think the Fins won't be a ble to throw as well as they would like.

Week 10: Cincinnati Bengals 14 @ Baltimore Ravens 20

I believe the additions that the Ravens made to the defense might actually have them in a better position then last year. Ravens will pull this one out. 

Week 11: Cincinnati Bengals 12 vs. Cleveland Browns 6

Slowest game yet, the Bengals don't need to do much to win this one.

Week 12: Bye Week, 6-5 at the break

Week 13: Cincinnati Bengals 23 @ San Diego Chargers 19

Although under the new system I think Rivers is going to do well, Bengals might be a little too much to handle for the Chargers.

Week 14: Cincinnati Bengals 16 vs. Indianapolis Colts 23

Might sound crazy but I think the Colts could be one of the most polished teams offensively that the league will see this year beside Broncos. Luck will finish strong in this one and give the Colts a win.

Week 15: Cincinnati Bengals 10 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 17

I think this is the way the Steelers will have to win all their games this year. Although the Bengals will be the better team, hard to beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh any year.

Week 16: Cincinnati Bengals 30 vs. Minnesota Vikings 13

This could be another game where the Bengals "sleep through" it. Bengals can walk up and down the field against this weak defense.

Week 17: Cincinnati Bengals 23 vs. Baltimore Ravens 24

This game could mean a wild card spot for the Bengals. But I just think at this point in season Ravens want it just a little more.

Final Record: (8-8) I think they take a step back due to the fact that they didn't necessarily improve their team in the offseason. Also doesn't help the fact that their schedule is one of the toughest.