This offseason has been very interesting for Bengal fans as well as the rest of the Football Nation. With intriguing moves to the roster, there are some questions scratching the surface that the Bengals could be ready to contend for the “RING”. Marvin Lewis is showing signs that he has total control on which direction he wants his team to go these next few years.

Competing in the AFC North automatically puts you on a pedestal when it comes to defense and creating turnovers. Cincinnati recorded 10 INTs last season while the Ravens tacked on 15 INTs.  On the flipside, the Steelers and Browns had a ratio of 9:11 with the Steelers having 11 INTs.

These past few years Baltimore and Pittsburgh have been the front-runners in that Powerhouse division, but it is time for a change and the rest of the National Football League should acknowledge that a new team would be entering the elite status soon.

With nine defensive backs on the roster, which could increase to ten if the Bengals decide to draft a corner or safety in the upcoming NFL Draft, creating turnovers might be there new specialty for winning games while leaving their opponents in the dust. Last season, the Bengals could not put more wins in the win column because there was a lack of turnovers throughout the season.

The most haunting image of the lack of turnovers was when Chris Crocker dropped that open Interception in the 31-10 loss against the Houston Texans that could have shifted the momentum. The most recent event was the signing of Terence Newman the former cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys. Coming off and upsetting season according to his recent years of accomplishments which included two pro bowl appearances in 2007& 2009, Newman feels that the tables are about to be turned in Cincinnati because of the amount of youth on the team, including the hunger to win ball games.

In Newman’s first four years as a pro, Mike Zimmer coached him as the Defensive Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys before arriving in Cincinnati four years ago. Their background will help stem these young defensive players to play some of their best football this season. Defense wins championships and if the Bengals can prove they are a top five defense once again under DC Mike Zimmer, at seasons end, they could be celebrating with a the Lombardi Trophy in their hands!