By Patrick Imig
Cold, Hard Football Facts Guy That Does Stuff and Things

If there's one thing television commercials teach us, it's that anything is possible. In the case of the Toyota Camry, Kelly Clarkson can drive Chris Berman, James Lipton and Andrew Zimmerman around town singing Clarkson's song "What Doesn't Kill You". You can watch the video here. And you can see Berman ruining his chance with Kelly below. Drum roll please ...

Here he comes, ladies and gentlemen, the big man, Chistopher James Berman!

Chris Berman is ready to get his game on! Look at the confidence oozing out of his pores! (Or is it just sweat?) He's got those classic Applebee's "here I come ready or not" eyes to compliment the football swag. 

Folks, Chris Berman just passed gas. He got so excited he couldn't handle his bodily functions. And Miss Kelly Clarkson is disgusted.

With the reluctant look of acceptance, Boomer acknowledges the smell and sound he brought into the car. Clarkson is no longer disgusted; she's mortified. And rather annoyed.

Oh no! Berman farted again. He couldn't control himself!

After rolling down the windows, the smell lingers out. Berman tries to join in on the fun by pretending to sing in the car.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why you buy a Toyota Camry.


I have nothing personal against Chris Berman. In fact, I once auditioned for Chris Berman University.

Still haven't heard back.

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