Chip Kelly If you told me last December that Michael Vick would be the Philadelphia Eagles' Week 1 starting quarterback, I would assume either Nick Foles suffered a nasty injury before the team had a chance to cut Vick, or the world is coming to an end.

Vick finished 2012 with 12 TDs against 10 INTs with only 2,362 yards in 10 games played.

He also had a case of the fumble-itis last year coughing up the ball 11 times. Then, at the end of the season, just like that -- it was longtime head coach Andy Reid who got the axe, not the mistake-prone Vick.

Within a couple weeks after countless interviews, Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie got their man when they hired ex-Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly.

On that day, everything changed for Vick.

Kelly didn't see a mistake-making-mess that all the Eagles' fans saw, instead he saw a once unrivaled athlete with time running out in his career, wanting more than anything to prove he's still one of the best.

So he cut down his ridiculous $100 million contract to a one-year incentive-based deal so that Vick wouldn't even be guaranteed a dime. He would have to earn every penny for the first time in his career.

Soon after, Kelly excused the belief that he needs a running quarterback -- and just like that, Vick again found himself fighting an uphill battle. He and Foles competed all offseason, and until the preseason games started -- were neck and neck.

Foles looks like a franchise quarterback, he has a great zip on the ball and seems to be good on his feet for a guy who isn't a "dual-threat QB".

He's good. There's no doubting that.

But after months of heated competition, and two weeks of preseason action, we are starting to see that Michael Vick, despite coming off his worst career year, is still great.

On August 19th, Kelly named Vick the starting quarterback for not only the 2013 opener, but the entire season.

So with that we must ask, is this the right move? Should Vick be given another chance to start over an up-and-coming quarterback who by all indications almost won the job?

Well, yes. Vick clearly gives Kelly and the Eagles the best chance to win. While Foles can one day be great, there's no reason an outstanding quarterback should be benched just because his time is running low.

For now, it looks like Kelly is making the right moves.


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