Jordan Rodgers played two years of college football at Vanderbilt. While there he threw for 4063 yards and 24 touchdowns. He won the 2012 Music City Bowl against North Carolina State. However despite the success, Jordan Rodgers has carried a chip on his shoulder for the last few years. Jordan is the younger brother of NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers. Being the younger brother of an MVP quarterbacks can bring great expectations on a young player.

Besides the pressure of being Aaron Rodgers younger brother, Jordan went undrafted this off season. Many NFL scouts believe Jordan doesn't have the skill set to succeed in the NFL. However overcoming odds is nothing new to Jordan Rodgers:

"I've carried my chip with me my entire career,"
Jordan said. "I've had to fight and claw for every position I've had. I sat on the bench as a junior in high school, I had to compete my senior year in high school to get the job I competed again at Vanderbilt before having success. Just carrying that and factoring in (not being invited to the combine). I deserved to be there -- this is the path I've taken my whole career. I'm not angry, it's just more motivation to want to succeed."

Jordan signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars to compete for the third string quarterback position. At the same time Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne (the other quarterbacks on the roster) are not “Pro Bowl” worthy. No job in the NFL is safe and I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan started for the Jaguars at some point. The Jaguars are looking for any media attention possible. Having Jordan Rodgers start a game could put fans in the seats; if for no other reason than being the brother of Aaron Rodgers.

While the Jaguars aren't playing the Packers in 2013, I expect Rodgers to get some playing time. Jordan is a decent pocket passer. Sitting on the bench in the NFL could give Jordan the confidence he needs to make it big. I mean he's always had a chip on his shoulder. Why should playing in the NFL be any different?