After another loss to the hands of the Seattle Seahawks (28-7), the New York Jets fall to 3-6 and last place in the AFC East. Playoffs are slipping out of reach and when asked about the quarterback position, head coach Rex Ryan says he's sticking with Mark Sanchez, who according to Rex gives the Jets the best chance to win. The Jets have scored one offensive touchdown in two games and Sanchez looks like a quarterback that has no idea what to do anymore.

The Jets had two weeks to prepare for the Seahawks and according to Rex Ryan the team was prepared for this game. Well it's not an entirely false statement by Rex because to some credit the defense came to play, for 3 quarters. The defense forced 3 turnovers and sacked Wilson 4 times in the game.

Besides the first drive of the game up until halftime the Jets had Wilson running around the pocket, forced pressure and held Marshawn Lynch to 2.8 yards a carry and scored a touchdown. They were tackling better than previous games and looked a little of the defense we thought to see. If it wasn't for the defense this could of been a 28-0 shutout, so overall the defense came to play. 

The Jets started the game with a nice time consuming drive mixing in run and pass and moving the ball, at the slow pace of course. It took over 5 minutes for the Jets offense to move 35 yards up the field by the way. It took The Seahawks took a minute and a half to go 60 yard for a touchdown.

The drive ended in a 4th and 1 stop which took momentum to Seattle, but didnt hurt the Jets too much. Until the Second quarter, After a turnover forced by the Jets defense the Jets put a nice drive together all the way down to the Seattle 1 yard line. Then a false start penalty, than the red zone interception throw by Mark Sanchez... again! The defense does their part, offense is clicking than all comes to a waste because of the interception.

Sanchez's 4th red zone interception this season and 9th of his career. Later in the game, with the game still close Sanchez, instead of taking the sack, tries to I guess throw it away or to a receiver, but once again another fumble by Sanchez. That's his 7th fumble this year. He has 15 turnovers to 10 touchdowns. I ask once again "How does Sanchez give the Jets the best chance to win."

After a performance like this in Seattle, I'm done thinking the quarterback can fix it, I'm done thinking Rex is a good coach, I'm done thinking Tannenbaum can bring someone else in. I'm done with Sanchez, Rex, and Tannenbaum, and so should Woody Johnson.

If the owner cares one but about this team and winning a championship down the road, he must to get rid of Mark Sanchez, Mark Tannenbaum, and Rex Ryan. For the rest of the season, they should start Tebow now, try and salvage the season and go into the draft with a good pick find a quarterback and rebuild, because this team is far, far away from a Super Bowl Contender.