Alex Smith took the field for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Saints. He made his debut for the Chiefs after last season bowing out from the San Fransiciso 49ers.

Smith, running on a good pair of legs, looked a lot like Drew Brees. Making a good decision at trying to get back to the line of scrimmage, Smith seemed to be in a good rythme, going  4/4 in his opening drive.

The mojo of Andy Reid and Smith is still yet to be determined. Smith was forced out of the pocket for the first incompletion of his game. In the redzone, Alex Smith had a nice pass and finished the drive off with a touchdown.

Drew Brees is now back with Coach Peyton. Will the dynamic duo be as effective as they were together in season's past?

Brees' first pass was clean, but when opening up his arm with a long pass, it could not be brought in. Brees was then in trouble and had to unload quickly and the pocket collaped. His first series ended in punting it away.

Brees seemed a little unsteady, but, hey it's the first preseason game. Lots of vibing and non-vibing was going on. Brees was in for the next series, but the running game seemed to be the priority. Brees and Lance Moore have synced nicely. Brees has some powerful tools to work with Graham is a handy one. Drew Brees warms them up nicely and answers the call ultimately.