Andrew LuckThe Indianapolis Colts will have one of their toughest games of the season this weekend, as they’ll play one of the hottest teams in the league.

Jamaal Charles is coming off a 5-touchdown performance and they are on a two-game winning streak. The Colts are coming off a dominant win against the Texans. 

Last year, the Colts came to Kansas City in Week 16 and played the Chiefs. They struggled in the game and barely escaped there with a 7-point win.

However, that was the 2-14 Chiefs, missing a starting quarterback and a top 10 defense. Now, they possess a top 4 defense, a starting quarterback and the hottest running back in the league. This is a completely different team. Last year, they played the Colts tough at home, and that was a garbage team. Now they are legitimate; imagine what they’ll be able to do.

For the last few weeks, the Colts’ play has been weak and they went 2-3 in Weeks 9 to 14, looking lifeless in the first half in each of those games. Two miraculous 2nd half performances gave them comeback wins.

They have been inconsistent and out of sync. They’ve looked lifeless, but finally received a spark last week, where they handily beat the Texans by 22 points and put in their first full 4-quarter performance since the Broncos game. 

The Chiefs have looked outstanding recently, beating the Raiders by 25 and putting up 56 points in that game. Jamaal Charles had a 5 touchdown, 220-some-odd all-scrimmage yard performance, and completely torched the Raiders. The week before, they beat the Redskins by 35. This is a team that knows how to score on offense, and has the top ranked turnover defense this season. They are a great test for anyone.

Going back to the Colts for a bit, after the Broncos win in Week 7, everyone was proclaiming that they were contenders and a team to watch out for. After their loss in Week 14 to the Bengals, many were proclaiming them to be pretenders.

A win or a very close loss would prove to everyone that this is a team that will need to be watched going forward. A blowout or a big loss will show that the Colts are not ready for that next step. Of course anything can happen in the playoffs, but this will help people get an idea of where this Colts team is going this season.

They will be 6-point underdogs going into the game, so in theory, anything less than a 6-point loss is considered a win. They shouldn’t aim for a loss, but they should aim to make this a tight game. If they play their game, they can beat any team, including the Chiefs.