How can you not like this game? Andy Reid and his 2-0 Chiefs traveling to play the Eagles.

If this were a movie or reality television, there would be subplot after subplot.

Old team against new team. Old coach against new coach. College offense against the West Coast offense.

It makes for a really interesting night. And in a game like this, a win will truly show which team is ready to challenge for their division title. If it’s the Chiefs, it also means one more win than they had all season last year.

I circled this game on the calendar for a reason, mainly because I love the idea of a coach playing against the team that got rid of him. And if you don’t think a Kansas City win will not mean some type of revenge, then you don’t like football/

Here are three bold predictions for this game…

Michael Vick has an awful game

After having the greatest game of his career last week, Vick comes down to earth this week. The cure for a good offense is a good defense. Philadelphia’s offense and Kansas City’s defense are pretty evenly matched in this contest. But I will take it a step further.

The offensive line for the Eagles has been better this season after two games, but I think and predict Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Justin Houston each get double-digit sacks in this contest.

So much for forward progress.

Alex Smith wins this game

What Smith has done in two games for the Chiefs was the one thing they needed all season last year.

I have said all along Smith may be the best game manager in the NFL. He has proven that and looked every bit the part for Reid’s offense. Look for him to do that again. Whether it is find Dwayne Bowe on the outside or find Anthony Fasano underneath, Smith makes all the right calls.  He should be able to do the same thing against the Eagles 3-4 defense.

Two great runners, two 100-yard games

While Vick struggles and Smith plods and moves the ball for about 230 yards, the running game for each team will take over. I cannot deny that both teams have great runners in LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles.

In the end, fans for both teams will be treated to running like they mean it and their careers depend on it.

Look for Charles to do slightly better running through the Eagles defense, which will open up the passing game more. Could Smith find open receivers in the Eagles secondary? It could be a real possibility.