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It was one of those games where it was over almost before it began.

The Jaguars looked like they would show how improved they were after they forced a blocked punt and led the Kansas City Chiefs 2-0.

Then the bottom fell out.

Nothing went right with the home team, allowing the Kansas City Chiefs to come into their house and score the next four touchdowns en route to a 28-2 win. The battle of 2-14 teams from a year ago proved a few things right for Kansas City and a lot of things wrong for the home team.

In the end, Andy Reid proved he could still coach in the NFL and Gus Bradley will have to wait at least another week to earn his first victory of his coaching career.

Here are a few other things we learned along the way in Jacksonville on Sunday.

Statistics can be deceiving

If you look at the stats for each team, you will see offensively, the Chiefs were not a dominant as it looks. The Jaguars could not get out of their way. Blaine Gabbert could not get into a rhythm all day (maybe the hand injury was bothering him). Alex Smith threw for 173 yards and two scores, but he proved to be a good clock manager, not someone looking to take over a game.

Defense, Defense, Defense

It was the mantra of the day. The Jaguars offensive line was dominated by the Chiefs front four and led to six sacks on the day. Gabbert will have nightmares about Justin Houston coming at him over and over again. The blitz and simple coverage packages gave the Jaguars fits all day long.

No running game

While the game featured both Maurice Jones-Drew and Jamaal Charles, the ground game for either team was not as dominant as it could be.

Kansas City got tough yards and moved the chains. Maurice Jones-Drew could not get anything moving all day long and seemed stymied from the start. It may take MJD a few games to really get into game shape.

The Hand

It was still on everyone’s mind. Blaine Gabbert was slow and deliberate and looked out of touch. He found Cecil Shorts late in the game but not often. Gabbert threw for 121 yards and two interceptions on the game. Chad Henne came in late and threw for three completions in six attempts. Could Henne have made a difference? Not really sure, Kansas City had an answer for everything today.

No rookies, no speed

The one thing I did realize throughout the game was the fact many of the rookies who were so spectacular in the preseason were not a factor in the game. Denard Robinson, Ace Sanders, the secondary. Where were they? Also in a competition amongst the top two draft picks, it looks like Eric Fisher won the battle. Kansas City had a field day running right at Luke Joeckel on the right side of the Jaguars line. Kansas City was a 2-14 team last season with good players. Jacksonville was 2-14 with suspect players.