The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos begin the battle for the AFC west on Sunday night in Denver. The 9-0 Chiefs head to mile high to take on the 8-1 Broncos.

The Chiefs will then host the San Diego Chargers at home, the Broncos travel to New England for a Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning showdown.  Denver will then head to Kansas City for a second battle at Arrowhead.

Two Games in three weeks, for it all. Excitement is high, and so is the hype for the first game in Denver, but what’s really going to happen?

In the minds of Denver fans, the Chiefs are a lucky bunch. Nine wins and zero losses was accomplished by a weak schedule.  Peyton Manning will run a fast no huddle offense; wear out the overrated defense by not letting them breathe. The high altitude will exhaust the Chief’s defense. The Broncos will roll up big points on route to a victory. This will give the team breathing room next week against Brady and the Patriots.

Chiefs’ fans think that Peyton Manning’s injured ankle, coupled by a chance for defensive friendly snow may give them a better chance than the eight and half points Vegas is giving. If outside linebackers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston can cause enough chaos maybe a fumble will occur and the Chief’s defense will get some scores and the team will keep the magic going for victory number ten.

There is also no love lost between the two fan bases. Fraud, fluke, and some other “F” words have been flying around local Denver media outlets in regards to the surprise Chiefs.

The national media’s lack of respect for the Chiefs, and the fact that most of the nation has not seen much of Kansas City’s team, has Chief fans feeling weight of wanting to prove that their team is a contender.

This will be the stage to do just that. It will go something like this.

Expect the Broncos to play it close to the vest for the first half. Yes I don’t think Manning and company are going to go score crazy. It will be a close game at halftime.

Then the Broncos will look to take charge in the second half and make a push to take the game.

Don’t count out Andy Reid and the two weeks he had to prepare and his amazing 13-1 record after a bye week. He will try and throw a wrench into the Broncos plans and watch for a surprise play to swing momentum.

It’s hard to knock off an undefeated team, but the Broncos should win this game

However the second battle in two weeks at Arrowhead will not be so favorable.