Jay CutlerWhat do Jay Cutler, Robbie Gould, Charles Tillman, Tim Jennings, Lance Briggs, Roberto Garza, James Anderson, D.J. Wiliams and a few other current Bears players have in common?

They are all in the final year of their current contracts with the Bears {Anderson and Williams only signed one-year deals}.

This means that as soon as the 2013 season ends, they will all be free agents.

Now most of the time teams will negotiate with players during the season. But this year that will not be the case as Bears general manager Phil Emery stated at the beginning of training camp that he will not negotiate with players during this season.

While that may not be a popular decision in the Bears' locker room, there is a good reason for it....

Currently the Bears only have just over $1 million in cap space available. This makes it practically impossible to make any negotations for the time being. Of course this is both good and bad for the Bears for two reasons.

This means that these players will have prove themselves on the field and stay healthy to earn a new contract.

This also means that this could cost the Bears even more money heading into 2014. Depending on how each of these men peform this year, they could get better offers on the free agent market from other teams. This will make it difficult for the Bears to re-sign these players. Chances are they won't be able to bring back every player, but if Phil Emery can bring back at least half of these guys the Bears should be in good shape for next season.

Cutler will need to show improvement and willingness to listen to his coaches to earn a new contract. Gould will need to show that he is fully recovered from offseason surgery and can still make the clutch kicks to get a new deal. Tillman and Jennings will need to continue to cover opposing receivers like a glove and continue to force turnovers to get their money.

Briggs needs to show that age is nothing but a number and can still play at a high level to receive his reward. Garza will need to show leadership and improvement on the offensive line to remain in a Bears uniform. And Anderson and Williams will need to keep rookies Jon Bostic and Khaseem Greene at bay {Williams also needs to stay out of trouble} to keep their jobs.

The task is always easier said than done, but not impossible. If this group of players can't get the contracts they want to stay with the Bears, perhaps there are greener pastures elsewhere in the NFL.