The Jacksonville Jaguars hosted the Chicago Bears.  Filled with hope and anticipation, the Jaguars went into halftime with the improbable score of 3-3.  And then the second half happened.

Lessons learned:

1. At halftime the score was tied 3-3...

The Jaguars stood toe-to-toe with the Bears for one half of the game.  Sure, neither team scored a touchdown in the first half, but the Jaguars didn't give up a touchdown in the first half either. 

We learned that buried under the lopsided scores, the Jaguars have a defense. 

2. The Bears' defense...

Oh my! The Bears's defense scored two touchdowns.  Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs have returned interceptions for touchdowns in consecutive games. 

Against the Jaguars, the Bears' defense also had three sacks and a fumble recovery. 

It's a remix of the Monsters of Midway.  The Tornadoes of the Turf, are leaving a path of destruction on every offense they meet. 

We learned the Bears' defense ain't on joke. 

3. The Bears may have some weakness

While we know the weakness isn't the defense, the offensive line is suspect. 

The entire universe paid witness to the Green Bay Packers dismantling the Bears' offensive line and its spiraling aftermath.  It seems J'Marcus Webb isn't the only culprit to a porous o-line.

Gabe Carimi has only allowed two sacks on the season.  He has however allowed his quarterback to be pressured 13 times. 

We learned the Bears' offensive line is work in progress.

4. The Jaguars owner is a patient man

Shad Khan waited out Maurice Jones-Drew.  And now he seems to be waiting out a bad team.  After giving his general manager and coach a vote of confidence, the question remains does he have a breaking point?

We learned patience may not always be a virtue.


The Jaguars are on a bye week in Week 6.  They can't lose during a bye week.

We learned we love the reprieve of a bye week.

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