Chris JohnsonWhen the Chicago Bears (6-1) and Tennessee Titans (3-5) meet in Nashville on Sunday this will seemingly be a battle of two teams headed in opposite directions. 

The Bears are currently on a five-game winning streak, where as the Titans are coming off a tough luck loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 8.

The last time these two teams met the Titans walked away with a 21-14 despite the fact the Bears held star running back Chris Johnson to just eight yards on 14 carries. 

For the Bears the schedule gets much tougher with back to back meetings with the Houston Texans and the San Francisco 49ers. 

Tennessee will head to Miami for a battle with the Dolphins before going on their bye week. On Paper the Bears look like they should run away with this game as the Titans are last in points allowed and near the bottom of the league in run defense. 

That being said this Titans team is much better then their record shows, and much like the Panthers could spell trouble against the Bears. Here are three predictions that could change the outcome of this game.

1.The Bears will Score at least 30 points

The Bears' offense has not operated to the efficiency that everyone expected coming into the season, nor has this offense found its rhythm in its first seven games. This Tennessee offense could be just what the doctor ordered for the Bears before heading into a much harder second half of the season.  

Tennessee currently ranks 29th versus the pass and 28th versus the run which could equal a great day for the Bears offensively. Getting players like wide receiver Earl Bennett and running back Matt Forte going is key to the Bears finding its offensive identity.

With all these factors coming together will lead to the Bears crossing the end zone early and often on their way to victory.

2. Matt Hasselbeck will pass for 250 yards

Hasselbeck knows this Bears defense very well. Having faced the Bears and Lovie Smith for many years, Hasselbeck knows the cover two scheme that the Bears run nearly as well as the defenders he is facing.  

Whether it was his time in Green Bay as Brett Favre's backup when the Tampa Bay Bucs were dominating the NFC Central, his time in Seattle facing the Rams when Lovie was St. Louis's defensive coordinator, or the numerous times when the Seahawks faced the Bears after Lovie became the Bears' head coach, Hasselbeck has seen this defense more time then he probably cares to remember.  

This will lead to many well-timed passes, and knowing where the windows will be open Sunday afternoon. With that in mind, it is easy to see Hasselbeck having a big game for the Titans keeping them in the game early on.

3. Bears Win the Game 34-17

Though Hasselbeck will have a big day in the passing game, it will not be enough for the Titans to overcome the Bears' stout defense when all is said and done. The Bears are looking to stack yet another victory to get to 7-1 on the year before heading into a very difficult second half of the season.  

The Titans are a better team then what their record suggests and will give the Bears a game early on, but expect to see the Bears really turn it on in the second half putting the Titans away. This will be a very entertaining game Sunday afternoon that you will want to keep your eye on even though the Bears should run away with a 3 score victory when the clock runs out.