After a strong start to his career, Jay Cutler showed so much promise and was once heavily coveted by the city of Chicago, a town dying for a franchise quarterback. For the most part, Cutler has failed to live up to those expectations.

With injuries knocking Cutler out for a significant part of the season the last two years, some could say it is difficult to completely judge Cutler and his team’s inability to return to the playoffs.

However, ESPN Analyst and former quarterback Ron Jaworski thinks the Bears’ quarterback has had ample time to prove himself. While studying 2012 game tape, Jaws told ESPN Cutler has “plateaued” as an NFL quarterback and has failed to improve “from year to year.”

Jaws went on to say that although he likes the Cutler’s willingness to attempt to squeeze the ball into tight man coverage, for the most part, the quarterback’s aggressive mindset is what caused Cutler to drop in Jaws’ quarterback rankings this offseason.

"At times [Cutler’s] mentality produced reckless, undisciplined play, bad decisions, scattershot throws,” said Jaworski according to ESPN Chicago. “The result was Cutler rarely played with the kind of discipline that leads to week-to-week consistency. That will be put to the test under new head coach Marc Trestman.”

Oh, boy. Is there anything he doesn’t do wrong Jaws?

While playing for the Bears, Lovie Smith has always been Cutler’s head coach, which won’t be the case this season. Chicago fired Smith last January and hired offensive mind Marc Trestman. The hire could definitely jumpstart Cutler’s career again, something Jaws sees happening.

"Marc Trestman will coach him hard. It is now up to Jay Cutler to accept that coaching,” said Jaworski. “Cutler should be a top 10 quarterback every season. This might be the year."

Jaworski had Cutler ranked eighth among quarterbacks last offseason, but the Bears’ quarterback fell to 14th this summer.


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