FolesBoth the Eagles and Bears are leading their respective divisions with an 8-6 record. Each has an opportunity to clinch their division with a win in this game, provided that they get some help from other teams earlier in the day.

Not only is this game vital to clinch, it could also decide who gets the NFC’s third seed.

With the Seattle Seahawks likely securing the No. 1 seed and the NFC South winner getting the No. 2 seed; the third seed will go to the winner of the NFC North or NFC East and likely it will be the winner of this game.

The Bears can clinch the NFC North with a Green Bay and Detroit loss accompanied by a win over the Eagles. The Eagles can clinch the NFC East with a win over the Bears and a loss by the Dallas Cowboys.

The playoffs don’t officially start for a few more weeks but for these two teams, the playoffs in many ways have already started. This should be a great matchup and here are three bold predictions for Sunday night.

Both teams will score over 30 points and both quarterbacks throw for over 300 yards.

Traditionally these teams are strong on the defensive side of the ball, but not this year. Both defensive units give up their fair share of yards and points. The explosive offenses featured in this game will exploit the weak defenses and have a big day.

Nick Foles looks to be the long term answer in Philadelphia at QB and he will shine on the primetime stage throwing for 340 yards and 4 TDs. Jay Cutler will have a nice statistical day with 325 yards and 3 TDs. If you are still in your fantasy playoffs, first of all congratulations and hopefully you have people playing in this game, because it will be points galore.

Matt Forte and LeSean McCoy will both rush for at least 100 yards, have at least 60 yards receiving and score a touchdown.

LeSean McCoy and Matt Forte are two of the most versatile weapons in the NFL. Both are elite runners and among the best receivers out of the backfield in the NFL. Both backs are the focal points of their respective offenses and considering that both defenses aren’t particularly strong, look for Forte and McCoy to have huge games.

Jay Cutler will throw an interception in the game’s last series to secure the win for the Eagles.

This game will be a back and forth shootout that will come down to the wire. The Eagles will have the lead late in the fourth quarter with the Bears driving for the win. Jay Cutler will throw an interception in the waning minutes that will end any chance for a Bears comeback.

The Eagles will hang on for the 37-31 win. If neither team clinches their division after this game, both will have a chance to wrap it up in Week 17. Hang on it is going to be a wild ride.