Jay Cutler “Wake me Up When September Ends” is a hit song by the band Green Day and was released in 2005.

The song was attached to the postseason run of the Chicago White Sox, all the way to a World Series title.

Chicago sports fans are once again hoping to attach the song to another team this season in the form of Bears starting quarterback, Jay Cutler. 

Cutler had a disastrous month of September.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is the only other starting quarterback with a lower quarterback rating through the first three games. Many in Chicago are hoping Cutler finally “wakes up” and turns his season around.

Three touchdowns and six interceptions is not exactly what anyone in Chicago envisioned after the off-season acquisition of Cutler’s favorite target, Brandon Marshall, as well as the addition second-round draft pick, Alshon Jeffery.

When Cutler takes his next snap the calendar will be turned to October, as the Bears face the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. The new month will not make fans in the Windy City sleep any easier, however, as Cutler has a reputation for not performing well when the prime time lights shine the brightest.

One thing overlooked is Cutler possesses a winning record (7-6) in his prime time starts with the Bears. But it was just two weeks ago Cutler was sacked seven times and finished with as many interceptions (4) as he had completions to his wide receivers, in his latest prim-timer.

With a 2-1 record heading into Monday’s game, the Bears are not in a must-win situation, but Cutler could be in a must perform well situation. Ever since the Green Bay nightmare in week two, trade talks have once again surrounded Cutler.

No one in the Bears organization plans on trading Cutler -- at least not anytime soon -- but the team has done nothing but surround Cutler with the pieces to be successful over the past year. Well sans a shaky offensive line, which is continually a work in progress?

It’s no secret Cutler brings on much of the criticism himself with his trite comments.

When asked about the early season struggles, Cutler didn’t miss a beat in typical Cutler fashion.
“It’s just the first year in the offense,” Cutler said on the Bears team website. “It’s going to take time. Very few teams go out there in the first year offensively with a new offensive coordinator, new system and put up 30, 40 points a game.”

The Bears' offense did put up 41 points in the season-opener against the Indianapolis Colts, but have produced just 26 points in two games since.

Let’s face it, the game-manager quarterback years of Kyle Orton are long gone. Cutler is in his fourth season with the Bears, and Chicagoans are ready to see the dividends of giving up two first-round draft picks.

What better way for Cutler to shine once again in the eyes of his Chicago faithful than to perform on Monday night.

TRAVIS DAVID is a contributor for FOOTBALL NATION and can be reached at tdavid021@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @Tdavid_21.