Jay Cutler This is not going to be an article where stats are thrown at you or where I am going to have a lot of proof to back up the bold statement I am making and that is: Jay Cutler is the heart and soul of the Chicago Bears.

Let’s start with last year.

The Bears were 7-3 following the final game for Cutler in 2011, who broke his thumb on November 20th against the San Diego Chargers. The Bears were being talked about as serious Super Bowl contenders when this happened. 

The Bears then lost five games in a row and finished the season with a meaningless win against the Vikings, ending up 8-8 for the season and staying home for the playoffs.

It appears the 2012 season is showing a glimpse of this same scenario. Two weeks ago, the Bears were 7-1 going against the Houston Texans when Jay Cutler was knocked out of the game by Tim Dobbins, who was later fined $30,000 for the illegal helmet to helmet hit that ultimately ended up as a concussion for Cutler. 

The Bears never recovered in the 2nd half, played flat and lost in the rain, conditions that normally tilt in the Bears' favor.  

The following week, the Bears are on Monday Night Football against San Francisco which is now on the shoulders of Bears backup Jason Campbell -- this ended in a complete massacre with the debut of 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who picked apart the lethargic Bears' defense and gave Chicago their 2nd loss in a row. 

Now, what I am trying to point out from here on out is nothing that can be put on paper, nothing that can be explained, BUT – Jay Cutler brings something to this team that can’t be measured; complete control. 

Jay Cutler has something about him, it isn’t perfect, but it is close. Sure, Cutler has had his share of moments that aren’t so stellar, but what we can’t see is the unspoken characteristic that Jay Cutler possesses that makes every single player on that team play better. 

The defense who has carried this team in so many games appears deflated, frustrated and to some, unmotivated when Jay Cutler isn’t playing. It is evident and so obvious that Jay Cutler means more to this team and more to fans than anyone has ever given him credit for. 

Some call Cutler a cry baby or call him weak, that is simply not true. Take a look at him the past two years and you will see this; Cutler is tough, Cutler is a competitor and Cutler is a winner. I’m so tired of hearing all the negatives about Jay Cutler but if that drives him even more, so be it.  

Jay Cutler has been running for his life and standing in the pocket taking hit after hit this year, but he gets up and makes the opposing teams pay for it.

The more you hit him, the tougher he gets which is evident with a quarterback rating that gets better as each minute passes during a game and when we see him back on the field (hopefully very soon), Jay Cutler will bring this team back from the dead and maybe - just maybe - be enough to get the Bears to the next level and that my friends would be a trip to the Super Bowl.   

I believe in No. 6 and can’t wait to have him back on the field.