Jay CutlerLet’s face it, it takes a lot to make Chicago Bears fans happy. I should know because I am one of them.

BUT, an issue I have had with the majority of Chicago Bears fans over the years is their constant unhappiness with whoever the current quarterback is. 

Granted, there are a whole lot of reasons to understand this when there have been 16 Chicago Bears quarterbacks in the past 14 seasons.  

The only quarterback in the past 30 years that seemed to make Bears fans happy was Jim McMahon, but he could never stay healthy long enough to make fans thrilled to death; that all seems forgiven due to the fact he was the starting quarterback for the beloved 1985 Bears; the last Super Bowl Champion in Chicago Bears history.  

We enter into the 4th season of the Jay Cutler era and fans are once again unhappy with their quarterback. 

Cutler was able to get the Bears to the 2010 NFC Championship against the Green Bay Packers only to hurt his knee and leave the game. 

Many questioned the validity of the injury and if it was bad enough for Cutler to stay out of the game. The Bears lost that game and the Packers went on to win the Super Bowl. Fans were outraged! They called for Cutler’s head and burned his jersey in the streets! 

In 2011 the Bears season started ugly with a horrible offensive line and Cutler running for his life, only completing three passes for 21 yards. Mike Tice, the line coach, was able to figure out how to fix the offensive line with the personnel they had and the Bears' season changed instantly.

Cutler had a no-name receiving squad and was able to lead the Bears to a 7-3 record before breaking his thumb against the San Diego Chargers, ending his season; the Bears did not survive, ending the season with an 8-8 record and they missed the playoffs.

The 2012 season started on a winning note with Cutler picking apart the Colts' defense and utilizing his new weapons, especially Brandon Marshall who Cutler has always had a good relationship with from back in their Pro Bowl days with the Denver Broncos. 

Week 2 against the Green Bay Packers didn’t go so well, the old offensive line showed up allowing seven sacks on Cutler who also didn’t help things with four interceptions. Let’s face it, Cutler was frustrated and it showed, he was forcing passes he shouldn’t have and he didn’t throw the ball away as often as he could have. 

Cutler’s frustration was evident when his emotions were all over the place; he was screaming at his line and his receivers, who couldn’t catch anything close. Once again, the fans and the experts are all over Cutler, calling him a cry baby and too emotional. 

We all know Cutler’s personality isn't exactly sunny and he could have handled his comments with kid gloves at the postgame press conference, but let’s give this guy a break. 

Personally, I want my quarterback to have some emotion, some drive, some fire and that my fellow Bears fans is exactly what this guy brings to the table every week!  

Should Cutler try to control these emotions a bit better? Yes, I believe he should to a degree, but remember,  the offensive line was not fixed during the offseason and I have always wondered why, when every other aspect of the team seems to be brought up to another level.  

Let’s fix the line and lay off Jay Cutler. I do not want to go back to the revolving quarterback game that has been played every single year the past 20 years.  Bears fans; we have a quarterback, a very good one.  

Let Jay Cutler play his game and back off. I for one know that 2012 has potential to be great and getting in Cutler’s head is the worst thing that can happen, especially so early in the season. 

Yes, the Green Bay game sucked, but I am not giving up on Cutler, I am supporting him and I am going to wear his jersey and cheer like hell every game for him.

The bottom line is this: I know every Sunday with Jay Cutler at the helm, the Bears have a chance, a very good chance, at winning the game and that is what counts. Put the magnifying glass away and let the guy play his game!