It's not the news Bears fans wanted to hear, but I think we all knew this might happen.

Yesterday Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher underwent an arthroscopic surgical procedure on his ailing left knee. 

For the last two weeks or so, Urlacher has been held out of practices due to recurring pain in that knee.

It's the same knee he injured on New Year's Day. A similar operation was performed on the knee earlier this year.

And because of the ongoing pain and discomfort, Urlacher did not play in the Bears' preseason opener last week. Surgeries of this type usually take a few weeks to heal.

And with that being said, it seems very likely that Brian Urlacher will not see the field for the remainder of the month of August. Yesterday Urlacher told,
“I hate sitting out, I practiced the first four or five days and felt pretty good, and then it got sore and a little swollen, so I’m taking some time off right now.”

He also stated to the Bears' website, 
“September 9, I’ll be ready to play for sure. That’s really all that matters to me. Preseason games and all these practices, I’d love to be out there. But I’m not going to put myself in jeopardy of missing the first game.”

While Bears fans may be disappointed that their favorite defensive player won't be on the field for a while, all parties involved insist that this is for the best. Everyone in the Bears' locker room has stated that they would much rather have Urlacher ready for Week 1.

They don't want him to risk further injury during meaningless preseason games. And of course Lovie Smith always has a contingency plan in place. All of this week outside linebacker Nick Roach has been getting all of the reps at Urlacher's position with the first-team defense.

Word out of Bourbonnais is that either J.T. Thomas or Geno Hayes will start at outside linebacker on Saturday as Roach is expected to start in the middle.

You may also see Blake Costanzo and Dom DeCicco out there as well. The Bears play preseason game No.2 {which is also their final preseason home game} against Washington this Saturday night. It will be interesting to see how the Bears' defense will look.

And earlier this week I joined Big Dave and C-Dub from Rookie TV on the Bawl! Sports Podcast where we talked about the Bears' performance last week:

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