This week's segment of Cold, Hard Football Facts TV Week 8 is like going to a Chinese buffet of stats -- by the time you're done, you'll be so full with football goodness that you won't even wonder why that Mongolian beef tasted funny.

Our Game of the Week features a slumping Chargers squad against a surging Chiefs team.

We also dig inside of the Patriots-Steelers matchup, focusing on the Pittsburgh passing defense. We take our weekly tour of Football Nation where we key in on defensive passer ratings, and then look at The List where we show just how significant the Real Quarterback Rating has been in 2011. Finally, we do our weekly bandwagon jumping, which is good news for Jim Harbaugh but bad news for a certain Ravens quarterback who struggled in the prime time.

Game of the Week: Chargers-Chiefs
Three weeks into the season, who would have thought this game would actually be a good matchup? The Chiefs have certainly rebounded from their 0-3 start to bring their Quality Stats Power Ranking up from the basement. Meanwhile, the statistics never lie, and it looks like Philip Rivers and the Chargers' passing offense has taken two steps backwards in 2011. Who wins this crucial AFC West game? Gary Tanguay and Kerry Byrne break it down.

Patriots Rested up for Steelers
After last week's bye, the New England Patriots enter a stadium where they've had more success than anyone - Heinz Field. The Pats have certainly dominated the Steelers recently, but our Chief Troll will dig inside the Steelers' passing defense to show you that this squad could stand up to any dominant one from the Steel-Curtain era. Brady and his pass-catching targets will have their work cut out again. 

Week 8 Football Nation Tour
In this week's tour of Football Nation, we take a look into Defensive Passer Rating. The Jets and Ravens rank first and second in this category, which isn't too surprising considering how they have terrorized quarterbacks in 2011. Meanwhile, the Colts are on pace to finish dead-last in the history of this statistic - an honor currently held by the 2008 Detroit Lions team that went 0-16. That goes to show how bad the Colts are, and how important this statistic is. We also give some fantasy advice from our friends at telling you to roll the dice with Darren Sproles this week, and cool off on the Tim Tebow hype (at least for Week 8).

Real Quarterback Rating on 'The List'
On this week's edition of 'The List,' Kerry Byrne examines the Real Quarterback Rating system that does a much better job of predicting success than the more commonly known Passer Rating system used by the NFL. Our system measures everything a quarterback does, including fumbles, sacks, and rushing statistics in addition to the passing stats.

Bandwagon Shifts
Finally, we change a few bandwagons in Week 8. Jim Harbaugh has his boys leading the league in scoreability and bendability, measures of offensive and defensive efficiency. What this means is, the 49ers are doing all of the little things right to win football games. What this also means is that we are officially on the Jim Harbaugh bandwagon. We're leaving the Joe Flacco bandwagon after his terrible performance on Monday Night football.