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Our guests this week include brew master Jim Koch of Samuel Adams fame and CHFF nemesis and uber-hack Pete Prisco of CBS

Prisco, a resident of Jacksonville, will discuss the upcoming Patriots-Jaguars game and will almost certainly be 100 percent wrong in his analysis.

But don't blame poor Petey: he's the first generation of his family to walk erect. So it's an evolutionary thing.

We’ll also have a special visit this week from Santa C., who will dish out gifts to all his favorite naughty big girls – emphasis on B-I-G, if you’re familiar with the history of CHFF sidekick Santa C. Let's put it this way: there's a reason he runs around saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

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Byrne and Imig also tackle the NFL's iciest issues each week, break down the best teams in the NFL and analyze every game every week with their Stat Attack.

CHFF bon vivant Frankie C., the man who wears Tom Brady pajamas, typically joins at 5 p.m. with his irreverent take on football and on life. He'll be replaced today by Santa C.

Listen to the Week 15 episode right here. Hosts Imig and Byrne were joined by Hall of Fame linebacker Andre Tippett and superstar chef Steve DiFillippo, who discussed his role in the Taste of the NFL.

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