The most satisfying moment in the history of the Cold, Hard Football Facts (and in my personal writing career) came about five years ago when we were invited down to NFL Films to be a part of its 50th anniversary AFL series.

As we arrived at the office of now deceased NFL Films kingpin Steve Sabol, we found the walls of his office lined with maybe a dozen of our stories from CHFF, all with underlines and notes in the margin.

Sabol shook my hand and said, "we get a lot of ideas from your site." Wow. That really meant a lot to hear. 

Fast forward to 2014. Peter King of and Monday Morning Quarterback fame recently took readers inside Sabol's office, which has been untouched since the famed filmmaker died in 2012.

The story included a panoramic view of Sabol's office. Longtime CHFF contributor Jonathan Comey noticed that one of our stories was STILL posted on Sabol's cork board, our 2010 look at the "Lords of the Rings," the 10 best coaches in NFL history.

The specific stories that prompted NFL Films to invite us down was our three-part series, "Everything you know about the AFL is wrong." In that series, we dismissed many of the myths that surrounded the football wars of the 1960s.

Among other things, we proved that NFL quarterbacks were empirically better passers than their glorified AFL counterparts and suggested that football fans "don't drink the AFL Kool-Aid."  

NFL Films has since invited the CHFFs to be a part of many different productions. 

But that original acknowledgement from Sabol himself was, from our perspective, the ultimate possible confirmation that our work was making an impact on the football world.  

We want to thank every CHFF reader over the years for helping make it happen. Thank you!