Fresh off a period of whirlwind publicity that has included articles in Esquire magazine and the Wall Street Journal, appearances on radio stations such as ESPN Radio Milwaukee, and a pig-butchering-filled podcast on The Ultimate Tailgater, Cold, Hard Football Facts publisher Kerry J. Byrne will clean up the fetid stench that Pete "the Pussy" Prisco left on sports radio WEEI in Boston on Wednesday.
Byrne will join popular hosts Dennis & Callahan Thursday morning at 8:40 a.m. (ET). CHFF readers (Hi, Uncle Jessie!) in other parts of the country can listen to the apperance over the Web at
Prisco, of course, is the factless, semi-literate sub-hominid who writes unimaginatively for CBS Sportsline and cowers in fear of the Cold, Hard Football Facts, refusing back when were just budding little trolls to stand up and face our omnipotent power.
You can see why his knees buckle at the mere mention of the Cold, Hard Football Facts: He's armed with a leaky water pistol of opinion while we bring to the battlefield our fact-filled flamethrower of truth, justice, data and the American way.
True story: Prisco was on WEEI Wednesday morning with Dennis & Callahan, where he predicted a New England victory over San Diego in Sunday's divisional playoff game. He reportedly went on sports radio in San Diego earlier in the week and predicted a Chargers victory.
There you have it: Prisco is not just a pigskin pussy, he's a fraudulent pigskin pussy.
In either case, Byrne's appearance with D&C should make for entertaining and, more importantly, fact-filled football analysis.